11-Year-Old Girl Shoots Huge Boar While Out Hunting for First Deer: ‘It Was Easy’

by Matthew Wilson

Watch out because Baylee’s got a gun. This 11-year-old girl was a sharpshooter while taking out this massive boar while hunting in Texas.

Baylee and either her sister or best friend Breanna were on a pilgrimage to get their first deer. But the 11-year-old ended up bagging a boar instead when a pack of the animals roamed in front of their deer stand. Sometimes you just have to take what nature offers up at the moment. Baylee certainly learned to improvise at the moment for sure.

“I’m very excited. We’ve basically prepared for anything,” Baylee said during the video. She revealed a backseat worth of hunting supplies for the trio. Baylee’s father was showing the two girls the ways of a hunter. “All those guns are my dad’s. And we got baby wipes to clean our hands off with. And I’m really excited so.”

The 11-Year-Old Kills the Boar with One-Shot

The trio patiently staked out in a hunting stand overlooking a field of farmland. Almost as soon as Baylee set up her gun, the pack of boars came charging out of the nearby brush. Baylee’s father coached her proudly through her setting up her shot and taking aim.

The 11-year-old ended up being something of a crack shot with the rifle. One well placed bullet later, and one of the animals dropped while the rest of the pack fled in every direction. The two young hunters were excited by Baylee’s kill. She ended up shooting the boar through the snout and killing it.

Together, the three went and retrieved Baylee’s prize after dusk. Her father let her and Breanna pick up and load the boar into the truck, teaching them that the hunt isn’t over after the kill.

Afterward, Baylee and her father revealed they hunt for a good cause. The three donate their kills to the local homeless population so they have enough food to eat. In fact, they sometimes donate so much that they’re left with excess meat because there’s no one left who’s hungry.

It’s all in a day’s work for the young hunter.