11-Year-Old Reels In Massive Trout While Trying Out New Christmas Fishing Gift

by Matthew Wilson

Forget the old man and the sea. This is a young man and the lake. An 11-year-old angular is closing in on the state record after hauling a massive trout.

Even at his young age, Tyler Grimshaw is formidable out on the waterways. His latest catch took him a “solid 20 minutes” just to reel in. Now that’s commitment. Grimshaw caught a lake trout that weighed a whopping 48.16-pounds. The fish was so large that it almost dwarfed him.

“An adult probably could have done it quicker, but because he is so little, it took a bit longer,” his mother Vanessa Grimshaw told USA TODAY.

The 11-year-old wanted to test out new winter fishing bibs he got for Christmas. He went fishing out on Flaming Gorge, a reservoir in Utah. That’s when he almost broke the state’s record for lake trout. The current record for the state is 53 pounds, 15 ounces. That record was set earlier this year, besting a long-standing record of 51.5 pounds set in 1988.

The Young Angler Caught a Massive Trout Before

Tyler is close to the state record. But he has his work cut out for him if he wants to break the world record, which is 72 pounds. Still, he’s well on his way to breaking it at this rate. This was the second giant trout he’s caught just this year. Back in June, he reeled in a 41-pounder.

“They definitely knew it was bigger than his previous one and knew it wasn’t far from the state record,” Vanessa Grimshaw said. “He would love to take the state record while still a kid.”

Previously, Tyler also caught a 7-foot sturgeon while in Idaho. He didn’t weigh that fish because the law prevents it from being removed from the water.

“He loves fishing, that’s all he cares about,” Vanessa said. “His next goal is to catch a trophy lake trout from his kayak. But he just got his first kayak this summer, so he still has a lot of practice before he has the skills to pursue lake trout from a kayak. He would fish all day, every day if allowed.”