12-Year-Old Wins Massive Cash Prize After Catching Monster Fish in New York

by Matthew Wilson

A 12-year-old angler just cashed in an impressive haul for big bucks. The young fisherman won a massive cash prize for his monster catch in New York.

Though he’s not even a teen yet, Finnan Murphy is already putting other anglers to shame. The 12-year-old caught an impressive 26-pound, 10-ounce Chinook salmon. As a result, Murphy won the local Spring LOC Derby.

Murphy attended the derby with his dad and two friends. The event’s become something of a yearly tradition for father and son. But this year, it ended up paying off in spades. According to a Rochester Sport Fishing Facebook post, Murphy just won to the tune of $15,000, making him the grand prize winner. In total, it took about 30 minutes to reel the catch.

“When the rigger popped and screamed out over 500ft, Finn was up to bat,” Rochester Sport Fishing wrote on Facebook. “He battled this fish for over 25 minutes, where it took him out an additional 400ft on two more occasions. When the fish touched down inside the boat, Kip said, ‘I think you just landed a $15,000 fish.’ They quickly brought in the rods and ran to the weight station, where Kip’s thoughts were confirmed, 26lbs 10oz, was over a pound greater than then the previous Grand prize fish. And now young Finnan holds a check for $15,000 and memories to last a life time.”

Angler Shares Thoughts On Catching Monster Fish

Finnan Murphy spoke with NewYorkUpstate.com about the catch. The 12-year-old revealed he was worried he might lose the monster fish.

“I thought I’d lost the fish two times, when it stopped fighting. And then it would take off again,” Murphy told the outlet. “I’d reel and it just kept pulling line out. When I got it close to the boat, it dove and was pulling even more.”

Murphy didn’t even realize that the catch might net him money. In fact, his catch was just larger than another angler on the water. Walter Zebker, 76, caught a 25 pound, 12 ounce Chinook salmon as well. Zebker ended up in second place with a $2,000 reward instead.

“When it was netted and on the boat, the captain said it might be a $15,000 fish. My jaw just dropped,” Murphy added.

As for what Murphy plans to do with the money, he has an answer. Murphy’s already thinking about college tuition. He also plans on spending some of the prize on his parents as well. He will set aside a small portion to buy himself a new Nerf gun and maybe a fishing pole as well.