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16-Year-Old Dies After Falling Off Steep Bank on Fishing Expedition

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Stephen Lam/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

A teen out enjoying a day fishing in a creek sadly lost his life.

In Harris County, Texas, authorities were searching for a teenager who had allegedly fallen into a creek while fishing. The sheriff’s department got the call a 16-year-old had fallen into the water on Monday afternoon. The teen, Edwin Mejia, was fishing with three other people at the time of the incident.

Although he was with others, authorities believe that he was on the opposite bank when he accidentally slipped and went under the surface of the water. According to ABC 13, his final moments are determined based on a series of footprints in the area.

After the incident occurred, Mejia’s family stayed present at the scene for hours trying to find the teenager. He was fishing with his uncles. After he went under the water his uncle tried to grab him but was unsuccessful.

Sadly, the entire incident ended in tragedy. The marine unit ended up finding Mejia’s body later that evening. The team used a remote-operated device with sonar abilities to find Mejia’s body. The medical examiner will now work to try to officially determine the cause of death and positively identify his body.

“I would say where we located him was about 12 feet from the bank, and he was in about eight feet of water,” Harris County Lt. D. Jasper said to the news outlet.

The 16-year-old has a large family now grieving his death. That includes his wife, as well.

Man Dies while Ice Fishing

Although fishing may seem like a rather safe and easygoing activity, there are certain risk factors involved. Water always comes with certain dangers, such as drowning or being exposed to potentially dangerous wildlife.

Others have been mortally wounded by fishing hooks in the past as well. Ice fishing can be particularly dangerous. It involves having a lot of knowledge of ice depth and making sure that the ice is solid enough to stand and cut into.

A man in Uintah County, Utah passed away in February after falling through the ice while he was out fishing. It is especially dangerous right now. Warming temperatures are beginning to thin ice in some areas.

According to KUTV, emergency crews went to Steinaker Reservoir to try to find the man who fell into the water. The man was 52-year-old Travis Hanchett.

Apparently, nearby witnesses could hear Hanchett yell. They also saw his dog jump in the water after him. He was not visible anywhere when witnesses went to the scene to investigate.

“Uintah County Search and Rescue teams responded to the scene and were able to rescue the dog as they searched for the man near the west inlet of the reservoir,” officials stated at the time of the incident.

He was found 10 feet under the surface of the water and was only about five feet from where he fell under the ice. He was sadly already dead when the team found him.