2 Hurricanes Could Potentially Hit the Gulf of Mexico Next Week: ‘This Is a Very Rare, Very Dangerous Situation’

by Caroline Bynum
Hurricane -May-Hit-Gulf-Of-Mexico-Very-Rare-Dangerous

The National Hurricane Center is warning of the potential of two hurricanes hitting the Gulf of Mexico at the same this coming weekend. Tropical Storm Laura is expected to bring heavy rain to Puerto Rico, the Dominican and Haitian Peninsula this Sunday, according to the NHC’s twitter and website. “Tropical Depression 14” may interact with Laura, creating a very rare weather occurrence. Ella Dorsey, an Atlanta meteorologist tweeted Friday stating, “This is a very rare, very dangerous situation for the entire Gulf Coast.”

Philip Klotzbach told the Washington Post in an email, “We’ve never had two hurricanes simultaneously in the Gulf of Mexico.”

The National Weather Service tweeted a graphic Friday afternoon giving the forecast of the two storms.

Replying to their own tweet, the NWS attached further information on how to track the Laura and Tropical Depression 14. As of now, both have extreme rain and possible flood warnings. It is understood that either could cause storm surges, change direction, or grow stronger. If Tropical Depression 14 strengthens to a Tropical Storm, it will be named Marco.

Liam Dutton, a verified user and weatherman, assures that the two storms can not join together to form a “super hurricane,” as one account put it. Rather, he explains,”If they were to get close to each other, their wind flows would be disrupted. Imagine two spinning tops hitting each other on a table – they wouldn’t join, rather affect how they spin thereafter.”

The NWS added an updated forecast of the two storms at 5pm Friday. They will continue to give full advisories each day at 5am, 11 am, 5pm, and 11pm.