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2021: Best New Fishing Lures

by Jack T. Wilder
Photo: Rapala

The iCast trade show happened virtually this year so not a lot of people got to see and experience the new gear and tackle coming out in 2021. Luckily the editors at Field & Stream had a front row seat and put out their Top 10 List for 2021. Here are a couple of our favorite fishing lures:

Photo: Savage Gear

Savage Gear 3D Lizard Craw

It’s time to break away from the standard plastic lizard. Always pushing the creative boundaries of what’s possible in shapes, sizes, and designs, Savage Gear introduced their salamander doppelganger with the new 3D Lizard Craw. The bait is perfect for a Texas or Carolina rig, as a trailer for skirted jigs, and even for flipping purposes. The lure’s ribbed design puts out subtle vibrations and its even scent infused to trigger more reaction and aggression strikes. Color options include mudbug, green pumpkin, and mojito. The lure is available in 4- and 6-inch sizes. Savage Gear

Photo: Rapala

Rapala V-Blade

In true Frankenstein fashion, Rapala mutated a blade bait with a lipless crankbait and come up with the V-Blade. Built to be versatile enough to fish all year round, the V-Blade can be cast, jigged, bounced, you-name-it… Tie it to the wide front dorsal fin hole to impart a lazy, slow fall action, or tie it to the rear hole for a fast, head-down approach. As Rapala states, “There is no wrong way to fish it.” Rapala

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