234-Pound Catfish Is So Big You’ll Have To See It To Believe it

by Jonathan Howard

Apparently, if you want to land some monster fish, you had better head out to Spain. A man caught a 234-pound catfish recently on a trip. When you try and picture that size of fish, only seeing the actual thing does it justice.

Mark Steward-Brown went out on a trip with guide Pontus Ingavrsson and a friend. Out on the Ebro in Spain, there was plenty of fish to catch. From the sound of it, things were going great. Each fisherman caught multiple catfish over 100lb and caught a lot of big carp as well. However, nothing compared to the top fish they caught. The top three cats they caught weight in at 161lb, 176lb, and then the 234lb monster. Steward-Brown thanks his guide for the great trip.

“Just back from the best fishing trip I’ve ever been on,” Steward-Brown posted. “Chasing cats on the Ebro in Spain. Fished for 5 days had 8 cats over 100lb, with a few more 50lb to 96lb, with a handful of carp from 30lb to 39lb. Top three cats 161lb, 176lb, and a monster at 234lb. Fished with 2 others who had multiple cats over 100lb. Great fishing, top guide, and brilliant service. Anyone wanting to get into the cats you need to message this guy Pontus Ingvarsson.”

That fish is so large it almost looks fake. There is no telling what things this fish has lived through and what all it has seen. How does one get a hook set in a lip that thick is what I am wondering? It looks like something out of a movie, but this is very much real. Two people can barely hold the giant catfish.

Large Catfish Seem Plentiful Lately

It isn’t just Spain where giant catfish live. While the blue catfish don’t get quite the size of these monsters weighing hundreds of pounds, they are still big fish. A Texas fly fisherman didn’t get the biggest cat that ever lived, but he hauled in a potential world record with the rig he was working with.

Ben Christensen went out on October 11 and landed himself a big fish. He had a 4-weight rod out on the Pedernales River. His olive-colored creek damselfly with a 12-pound tippet completed his gear. Then, it became a battle between man and fish that went on for 40 minutes before Christensen had his 31.55-pound fish in his possession.

“Well, I have been enjoying my Flycraft 30man guide raft,” the fisherman posted on social media. “Just landed this fat cat at high noon (still standing in the river-breaking news)! Anyway, sight-casted him with the Scott Flex 4WT and he grabbed the fly. It was on like Donkey Kong! Took me into the backing, and I fought him for 40 minutes like we were offshore or something.”

Catfish, good fishing, better eating. Makes you want to get your line in the water, that’s for sure!