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3 Great Duck Shotguns for Under $1,000

by Jack T. Wilder
Photo: Getty

Waterfowl hunting doesn’t have to be expensive. Haha, who am I kidding? Even without all of gear, boat, decoys and a perfect lab from Wildrose Kennels, it is still an expensive sport. But choosing the right shotgun for waterfowling doesn’t have to mean mortgaging the farm to do it. Here are three great choices for your duck blind and your wallet.


This beautiful looking duck shotgun has an Inertia driven system just like the more expensive Benellis but for half the price. You can choose from three different barrel lengths (24, 26, 28). It’ll take a 3 1/2 magnum shell and fly some feathers for both goose and duck. My son shoots one of these and loves it. He can bang dove or skeet loads all day with it and then take it out in the marsh the next morning for big ducks. Patterns well and brings home the bacon. $849 stoegerindustries.com


The Mossberg Waterfowl 930 comes in a sharp looking Mossy Oak Shadowgrass pattern and begs to be taken to the flooded corn field right out of the box. With a 3 inch chamber and 28 inch barrel, the gun tips in at almost 8 pounds. Shells are ejected with a gas system. Take care of this gun and keep it clean and she will take care of you. $750 mossberg.com


This duck gun just feels good in your hands and takes to the shoulder readily and with a good swing and follow-through. It’s got an oversized bolt handle and a Cerakote finish for lasting protection. A High Viz front sight and steel mid-bead promise your shot will go on target. It takes up to 3 inch shells. It’s slightly more than a grand in cost but this Remington will get the job done for years to come. $1,195 remington.com