4-Year-Old Falls 70 Feet Off a Cliff While Hiking and Only Suffers Scrapes and Bruises

by Michael Freeman

Even with a seasoned group with you, hiking presents all kinds of dangers. Last week, a 4-year-old experienced this first hand and fell from a 70-foot cliff. Miraculously, he only suffered scrapes and bruises.

AP News reports the 4-year-old fell from a cliff at Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Amazingly, the boy walked away without severe injuries, citing minor scratches and bruises. Apparently, he and his parents were hiking near Princess Arch on Friday when he slipped and fell. On the way down, he also hit “multiple ledges,” the Wolfe County Search and Rescue Team stated before landing roughly 70 feet below. After seeing the horrific event, his father immediately called for help.

The Wolfe County Search and Rescue arrived shortly afterward and to their surprise, the boy was still aware and speaking. Drew Stevens, a rescue team spokesperson, felt amazed, to say the least. “Miraculously, the child was relatively unscathed. He’s kind of scraped up and bruised but otherwise generally unhurt.”

Despite him appearing almost unscathed, they still took the child to a hospital to get checked out and doctors said he was fine. Though the cliffs and arches in Lexington attract hundreds of thousands of hikers every year, officials stress adequately preparing and being especially observant on the trails.

Student Hikes for Charity and Raises Thousands of Dollars

On a slightly more upbeat note, besides being a great outdoor experience, hiking can serve a greater purpose. In the case of a middle schooler last month, she raised thousands of dollars going on frequent hikes with her father.

Attending Skagway School in Alaska, the 11-year-old Mina Yee raised money for the Fran Delisle Cancer Fund. Speaking to Skagway News, she told them “I know the Fran DeLisle Cancer Fund supports people in Skagway that have cancer, and some of our friends have been diagnosed with cancer, and I wanted to help them out.”

Realizing she loved hiking to Upper Dewey Lake every week with her father, she thought it would be a great idea to turn it into a fundraising endeavor. From then on, she hiked to Upper Lake every Wednesday beginning on July 14. Her last trek was on August 8 and at the end of it all, she accrued 110 sponsors and raised more than $8,000.

The venture helped her personally too, as she reports cutting down her total walk time as the fundraiser went on. At first, “I was pretty slow, maybe 2.5 hours, but I cut it down to two hours up, hung out there, and then two hours down,” she told the news outlet.

As of now, she isn’t sure if this will be something she does annually, but one can only hope so if she raised that much in her first year.