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5 Essentials to Pack When You’re In The Woods

by Josh Lanier
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If you’re planning on hitting the trails or just wanting to get back into nature, there are 5 essential items you should always take with you. Aside from being inconvenient, lacking the right gear can be the difference between life and death sometimes.

Outsider Pro Staff’s Abby Casey recently explained the items you should have in your pack anytime you venture into the woods. Are all of these items in your packs?

The 5 Essential Items to Pack for Every Hike

  1. Communication device: This might seem obvious, but it’s not as simple as throwing your cell phone in your pocket. You need to consider how far afield you plan to go, and if you’ll have a signal. If you plan to leave the boundaries of the mobile world, pack a satellite phone or radio.
  2. Water: Never leave for a hike without at least a full bottle of water. A person can survive more than a week without food. But without water, you won’t stand much of a chance if you get lost and need rescue. Pack a LifeStraw as back-up as well.
  3. First-aid kit: A simple cut or sprain far from medical attention can become serious quite quickly. It’s important to know how to treat wounds you might receive while in the woods. So having the necessary bandages and disinfectants will be crucial in protecting yourself until a medical professional can examine your injury. And make sure your kit matches your trip. Longer, more in-depth excursions require bigger, more expansive kits that can cover a larger swath of potential injuries.
  4. Shelter: Whether your planning on staying outdoors overnight, expect that you might have to. Pack a tent or tarp that could be converted into a shelter, or include materials you’ll need to build a shelter in case of an emergency. That means packing a multi-tool, tarp, and rope.
  5. Common Sense: It’s the lightest to pack, but the easiest to leave behind. Know where you are going and plan your route. Know your limitations and plan accordingly. Make sure you know the terrain, weather, and any potential dangers in the area you plan to explore before you start your journey.

Happy adventuring, everyone.