500 Million Year Old Sea Creature Straight Out of Outer Space Discovered in Canada

by Shelby Scott

You’ve heard of and seen fossils before but none like this. Scientists recently discovered an all-new fossil in the Canadian Rockies and we are hardcore nerding out. The strange alien-like creature possesses more head than body and appears straight out of an extraterrestrial environment. Scientifically deemed as the Titanokorys gainesi, the creature roamed the seas about half-a-billion years ago.

As humans, we’ve really only occupied the Earth for a minute period of time compared to this ancient specimen. Therefore, it’s hard for us to even imagine how long ago the newly discovered species lived. Regardless, Titanokorys gainesi possesses several remarkable traits and characteristics.

First off, the fossil’s date alone is jaw-dropping. Scientists state it predates even the famous dinosaurs, some of which walked the earth 80 million years ago. As I stated before, this Titan of the Cambrian period lived nearly half a billion years ago.

Additionally, the creature measures less than half of a meter in length (the equivalent of around 19 inches). Therefore, its sheer size took scientists by surprise. While the measurement itself does not immediately appear super impressive, the animal’s existence during the Cambrian period makes it distinct. Typically, creatures this ancient, living during the same time period, remained rather small. Comparatively, the newly-discovered Titan is enormous.

Surrounding the animal’s size, scientists conducting the study stated, “The sheer size of this animal is absolutely mind-boggling, this is one of the biggest animals from the Cambrian period ever found.”

Additionally, due to their sheer size, those participating in the study believe, “These enigmatic animals certainly had a big impact on Cambrian seafloor ecosystems.”

Latest Sea Creature Discovery is All Head

Their strange compositional makeup easily enabled them to gobble up other tiny creatures from upon the seafloor.

The animal’s age and corresponding size are both impressive, it’s, overall, the creature’s makeup that makes it so astounding.

As far as the animal’s bodily composition goes, scientists have concluded the sea titan is little more than a head. More specifically, Joe Moysiuk, co-author of the late study, said, “The head is so long relative to the body that these animals are really little more than swimming heads.”

I’ll let you conjure that mental image as you prefer.

Referring to the rest of the animal’s physical appearance, the Royal Ontario Museum, who plans to house the creature, said the Titanokorys has, “multifaceted eyes, a pineapple slice-shaped, tooth-lined mouth, a pair of shiny claws below its head to capture prey, and a body with a series of flaps for swimming.”

Thankfully, the ROM put together a visual mockup of the creature. The clip enables us to imagine how the alien-like animal might have moved and survived during its life. Check it out.