500-Pound Bear Removed From Tennessee College After Damaging Property for Over a Year

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Friso Gentsch/picture alliance via Getty Images)

It’s that time of year again, folks. Everybody is out and about with it being springtime all across the country. Now is the time to get back out there and explore the outdoors and all the gorgeous national parks all around America. However, sometimes nature comes to you. It certainly came to a Tennessee college this week as a 500-pound black bear was removed from the school after damaging property for over a year.

Black Bear Sighting at Tennessee College

Indeed, a gigantic black bear that lived right by Tusculum college was used to human food. So, he remained nearby for a long time feeding off that diet of garbage and pet food that was found by the school. This was a problem for the university, so the Tennessee Wildlife Rescue Agency stepped in and rescued the bear and put him back where he belonged in the Cherokee National Forest.

In a Facebook post, the agency wrote, “A 500-pound black bear living near Tusculum college in Greeneville had become habituated to human and unnatural foods and was relocated to a remote area of the Cherokee National Forest yesterday. Wildlife Sgt. David Carpenter says the bear had regular access to garbage, birdseed, and pet food had and been in the area for a few years but ramped up its activity and property damage last year. Wildlife Officers decided to trap it then due to the increasing potential for negative interaction, but were unsuccessful after the bear changed its travel routine. “

What Happened with The Bear

That was a problem for the school, but they tried to trap it. That was the plan. However, the bear had different ideas and changed how it got around and where it went.

The message continued, “Recent activity indicated it was back to its old ways and Officers Ryan Rosier, Austin Wilson, and Sgt. Carpenter located the bear in a small vacant wood lot and were able to free-range tranquilize it. They worked the bear up and requested the assistance of the Greeneville Fire Department to help move it to the transport cage due to its size. They were glad to help and were able to use some of their specialized equipment to expedite the process. TWRA is extremely thankful for their help! tnwildlife #wildlifeofficer #blackbears #bebearwise.”

How cool is that? They were able to finally get the bear and move him back to the forest. It was a huge bear, so they could not do it on their own. They needed assistance. They got their assistance from the fire department in the area. Still, the best part is that the bear got away unharmed and perfectly OK from the affair. That’s the important thing.

Always be on the lookout this spring and summer, folk, because it’s that time of year again.