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6-Year-Old Boy Hooks Giant Bass Almost as Large as Him

by Matthew Wilson
6-Year-Old Boy Hooks Giant Bass Almost as Large as Him
Photo credit: Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune via Getty Images

A 6-year-old boy was on a mission to capture a bass he saw swimming in a creek. And he accomplished his goal, reeling in a monster that was almost as big as he was.

“I found this hug, giant bass, and he’s about 8 pounds and I’m about to catch him,” Kasen exclaimed before heading down to the side of the creek. What appears to be his mother filmed the encounter.

Kasen carefully casted out into the pond a couple times. He searched for the spot where he found the bass earlier. Encouraged by what appears to be his father, Kasen started flicking his pole to lure the bass to his line.

“Just keep doing that. Keep doing that, buddy,” Kasen’s dad said. When Kasen got a bite, his dad instructed him what to do next, “Kasie, set the hook. Don’t break your line.”

While Kasen reeled in the fish, his dad ran down to watch his son pull the massive bass to shore. The 6-year-old appeared overjoyed and surprised by his accomplishment, showing off the fish to the camera.

A girl about Kasen’s age, maybe a sister, ran up to Kasen and said, “Good job. That’s as big as he is.”

She asked if she could hold the fish, but Kasen wasn’t ready to part with his extraordinary accomplishment. “No,” he said.

Kasen has social media pages dedicated to his bass fishing.

Kasen has a Youtube channel and Instagram page following his fishing accomplishments. The video has been seen over 440,000 times. He also has around 3,000 followers on Youtube. Meanwhile on his Instagram, he has 1,000 followers. He’s began fishing competitively. Kasen came in 2nd place in the Ike Foundation’s tournament and 1st place in the South Division.


He’s also had the opportunity to meet two fishing heroes of his: anglers Justin Lucas and Mike Iaconelli. Lucas is a MLF Bass Pro Tour Champion. Iaconelli is a Bassmaster Classic champion and founder of Bass University.


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