Best Ski Racks For Your Car Entering The 2020 Snow Sport Season

by Jon D. B.

Itching to hit the slopes this winter, but want the best of ski racks for your setup first? We’ve got you covered with these 7 Amazon winners.

Making sure your ride is properly equipped to handle your gear is a must for any sloper. Top-rated ski racks will be sturdy, weight tested, and will accommodate large amounts of equipment. You’d think the best of these would be easier to spot. This is not, however, the case. A multitude of cheap and poorly made options are out there with photos that make them look like the real deal.

To help you avoid getting the wrong setup, we’ve compiled the 7 best ski racks from all corners of the Amazon market. From exceptional hitch-mounted rigs for pros to the perfect starter kit for a beginner’s roof rack – it’s all right here.

Each is thoroughly rated on Amazon, too. As a result, there’s very little guess work left for you if you’re in the market.

Thule Universal Snowsport Carrier

In addition to being a trusted name in outdoor gear, Thule makes exceptional racks. The Thule Universal Snowsport Carrier comes ready to install and transport all your sloping needs. This proven mounting system has a near-perfect 5 star holding on Amazon from hundreds of happy customers.

Thule also features its secure locking system. This gives about the best piece of mind you can have in a rack. Especially when hauling six pairs of skis – or four snowboards – as this setup is capable of.

“I’ve used them on two ski trips up the mountain with three pairs of skis and one snowboard. I have no complaints. Pros: Easy and quick to install, securely holds skis, locks work [well], barely noticeable wind noise.”

Amazon Reviewer


  • Trusted brand
  • Secure locking system
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Low profile


  • Harder to handle with winter gloves
  • Few accessories

Cost: $164.95 on sale

DrsportsUSA Carrier Ski Car Rack

The DrsportsUSA Carrier Ski Car Rack, however, is great for beginners not looking to break the bank. It’s super easy and quick to install, and versatile. In addition, the rack comes with securing fasteners that’ll fit a board or skis – or fishing rods, paddles, you name it.

There are enough really solid reviews for this one to land it at 4 stars, but not 5. One reviewer, though, says it is 5-star worthy. “Five stars to this ski rack. It takes me around 20 mins to install and we went to ski last weekend. The rack holds four pair of skis total for my family. It took two hours to reach the mountain ski place, the ski racks hold the skies very tightly,” they detail on Amazon.


  • Affordable at less than $80
  • Quick, easy install


  • Rates at 4 stars on Amazon
  • Holds less equipment

Cost: $79.97

Tyger Auto-Folding Hitch-Mounted Ski Rack

Newer to the world of ski racks is this sharp Tyger Auto-Folding Hitch-Mounted Ski Rack. While it has only amassed 14 ratings on Amazon so far – those reviews are stellar.

The dual anti-theft key-locks for top rack and hitch receiver provide maximum security, which is a big focus for this rack. Their sets also come with 3 safety straps to secure your gear during transit.

“Tired of reaching the roof rack for your gear? This unique hitch mounted dedicated ski & snowboard rack combines the best of all worlds in terms of accessibility, capacity, security, and quality. This rack is built from sturdy steel construction with black powder E-Coating for rust resistance. Tyger offers 5 years limited no-hassle warranty against factory defect.”

Tyger Product Description


  • Extra security & locking systems
  • Includes key
  • Safety straps included
  • 5-year warranty included


  • Newer product, only 14 reviews
  • Only fits 1.25″ or 2″ hitch receivers
  • Load weight not specified

Cost: $289.00

BUZZRACK Hitch Mounted Rack

Hitch-mounting is also a popular option, especially for those who don’t have existing roof racks. The BUZZRACK Hitch Mounted Rack fits 1-1/4″ and 2″ receiver hitches. In addition, it carries up to 6 pairs of skis, or 4 snowboards, or 2 boards and 3 pairs of skis. The load capacity also sits at a hefty 99.2 lbs.

The rack also tilts and adjusts to fit multiple rigging capabilities. Combine this with the stellar Amazon reviews, and this is a surefire way to be happy with a hitch setup. All of this promise, however, does come with a large price tag.

***It is the same price as the Tyger option above, though – so it’s really more of a style and feature choice for hitch mounts.

“I have always been interested in a hitch-mounted rack because it’s easy to access, easy to mount for my ski trips and remove for the rest of the time, it stays out of the wind so there is no noise and no loss in fuel mileage and seems to catch less road grime too. On top of all that, I think it looks unique and just plain cool.”

Amazon reviewer


  • Fits up to 12 skis
  • Highly adjustable
  • Easy to install


  • Expensive $$$$
  • Load capacity is less than 100 lbs

Cost: $289.00

YAKIMA PowderHound 6 Ski & Snowboard Mount

The YAKIMA PowderHound 6 Ski & Snowboard Mount is another absolute winner. In addition to being a best-seller on Amazon, this proven YAKIMA staple is super easy to use. It opens up with the press of a button, which makes handling this rack with winter gloves a far easier task. It’s also easy to install and will hold up to twelve skis or four snowboards.

Reviewers do pinpoint, however, that it fits four or five pairs of skis more comfortably than a full six pairs.

“This ski rack is very easy to use and served its purpose. I purchased the 6-ski rack and I will say that it may be difficult to actually fit six pairs of skis because we had five pairs and it was a tight fit. The lock on the rack was an excellent feature. I would recommend this rack to others as it served our needs and was easy to use.”

Amazon Reviewer


  • Button open system
  • Easy to install
  • Exceptionally well-rated
  • Solid price


  • Fits less than advertised

Cost: $159.00

SportRack Groomer Deluxe Ski Carrier

Another solid low-profile option is the SportRack Groomer Deluxe Ski Carrier. This roof rack is simple in design, but also sort of an unsung sportsman’s favorite. The large push-button feature makes for easy release. Combine this with the locks added for security, and you’ve got a winner.

In addition, several reviewers have noted that this rack will hold six full pairs of skis comfortably. This does give it a leg up on other similarly-priced options on this list.

“Great rack. Mounted snugly to factory cross-bars on Mazda CX-5. Held skis and poles securely over ten hours on the road, without any odd vehicle behavior or excess noise, even in high-wind conditions.”

Amazon Reviewer


  • Large push button system
  • Spaciously fits 6 pairs of skis
  • locking system for security
  • Solid price – on sale!


  • Won’t fit all models of vehicle

Cost: $137.57 on sale

Thule SnowPack Ski/Snowboard Rack

Thule’s SnowPack Ski/Snowboard Rack also offers up an exceptionally well-reviewed item. This model safely carries thicker modern skis and snowboards while reducing the carrier height. It also holds skis and snowboards securely with ultra-soft rubber arms that grip without scratching the surface of your vehicle.

In addition, this Thule model also features an oversized push-button for easy winter-glove use. For those with skis with tall bindings, the added clearance here is a must. Extension feet that raise the carrier comes with the package. And this all fits directly into the load bars’ T-tracks via the “integrated, tool-free mounting hardware”.

This does all, however come with a large price tag for all these features. The best of ski racks typically do.


  • Hefty weight load
  • Added clearance height for bulkier skis/boards
  • Grips without contact to vehicle


  • Pricey $$$$
  • Higher profile means more wind noise & resistance

Cost: $249.95


Which of these top-rated ski racks did you settle on?

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Happy adventuring, fellow Outsiders!