71-Year-Old Hiker, Dog Rescued After Spending Night in Creek Drainage

by Kayla Zadel

A hiker and his dog are now safe and sound after spending a night in the Cascade Canyon area near Fairfax. According to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, the pair spent the night in a creek drainage area.

The hiker has yet to be publicly identified, but SF Gate says that he and his dog Yarrow were hiking in the area late Sunday afternoon. They failed to return home by nightfall, and as a result, the Fairfax Police Department and the Marin County Open Space District started a rescue search.

Early Sunday morning rolled around and the two had not been found yet. Therefore, the police department and Marin County Open Space District enlisted the help of Sonoma, San Mateo, and Contra Costa Counties, as well as the California Rescue Dog Association.

As luck would have it, the hiker was able to get cell phone reception around 7 am Sunday and called a family member. His location was traceable because of his phone. The search and rescue team found him in steep creek drainage on the upper San Anselmo Creek area. The hiker was uninjured but too exhausted to hike out is own, Sheriff’s Sergeant Brenton Schneider said Sunday afternoon.

The man was transported via a CalFire rescue helicopter out of the canyon. However, his dog made the trek out with rescue crews. Man and dog were reunited with family members at a nearby command post. Sergeant Schneider said the hiker was able to go home with his family.

Hiker and Dog Personify Grit and the Outsider Mentality

This hiker’s age isn’t stopping him from doing what he loves, nor did a dangerous turn on his hike lead him to give up. Being active and exploring the outdoors is what Outsider.com is founded on. Ordinary people who do extraordinary things. People who ignore limitations and pursue better. People who founded the vitality of America and keep it running. We don’t easily give up our love for nature, and this hiker showed perseverance when faced with some tough luck.

We believe that some of life’s best moments are shared outdoors. Bonding happens while sharing experiences with those you love in memorable places. Perhaps that’s why this hiker brought along man’s best friend.