75-Year-Old Hunter Who Broke Back in Tree Stand Fall Lucky to Be Alive After Michigan DNR Officer Tracks Him Down

by Courtney Blackann

Hunting can be a dangerous game. Especially when practicing the sport solo. A seasoned Michigan hunter is very lucky to be alive this week after he fell from a tree stand, leaving him completely immobile and alone.

A member of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources received a distressed call from the man saying he fell from a tree stand. The man was able to say he thought he had a broken back. And then cell service was lost.

The conservation officer, Josiah Killingbeck, checked in with local police to see if the number the man called from could offer any clues. Killingbeck learned the hunter was a 75-year-old man and was able to get in touch with the man’s son. The hunter’s son said his father had gone to prepare tree stands near an area called Whiskey River. As deer season is fast approaching, the hunter went to make sure everything was ready.

However, the man grabbed a dead tree branch and fell some 30 feet. Due to low cell service, he was unable to call, except for that brief phone call.

Killingbeck alerted authorities and began a search of the area. It was not until 10 p.m. in the evening before the man was found. It took authorities another two hours before being able to remove the man and safely get him treatment from a nearby hospital.

When Hunting Is Dangerous

Speaking of hunting mishaps, earlier this year a Florida man was attacked by an alligator in a freak accident. While hunting on Lake Jessup, firefighter Carsten Kieffer’s arm was snatched in the jaws of a large alligator.

Kieffer had hooked the gator. The hooking method is the proper way to hunt alligators in Florida due to the fact that killing them with any kind of firearm is illegal.

When Kieffer hooked the gator, its reflexes took over and it launched into their boat, taking hold of Kieffer’s arm and hand and crushing his bones. Had he not had a friend with him, the incident could have been much worse, Kieffer said.

The fact that I woke up with my arm was just mind-boggling to me after seeing the injury,” the hunter said.

Kieffer and his friend were able to put a stop to the attack. By shoving a metal rod into the gator’s mouth, they were able to pry the forceful jaws from Kieffer’s arm. Had Kieffer been alone, his fate may have been far worse.

The man recognizes how lucky he is to not only have his arm but also to be alive. Although Kieffer was treated and had a successful surgical operation, the man said he may rethink hunting alligators after