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77-Year-Old Georgia Grandmother Bags Two Deer in One Afternoon Hunt

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ben Birchall/PA Images via Getty Images)

Every year hunters go out into the woods, fields, and forests, and hills to nab a prize. People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds participate. That has never been more true than when a 77-year-old grandma from Georgia recently bagged two deer in one afternoon.

That’s right, Lois Curry of Emanuel County, GA had quite a time hunting. It was like she was trying to speed run her time outdoors because she didn’t just get two deer in one afternoon. Curry landed the deer just one hour apart from each other. Now, that’s efficiency.

In the photo, she is proudly showing off her haul. With a buck in the back of the truck, she has her eyeglasses hanging from her camo shirt. Of course, she’s got her orange visibility vest on, safety first. Imagine going out to the blind with your grandma, and she ends up taking both deer! While we don’t know the details about her hunting partners, there is no way she was one-upped on this trip.

Deer Season Opening Up

Currently, there are not widespread deer hunting seasons. However, most states will have their official seasons starting as the summer comes to an end and the fall sets in. For the state of Ohio, they just had their best deer season in eight years last year. The Divison of Wildlife in the Buckeye state said that their hunters took home the most deer they had since 2012-2013.

Deer season is a great time for hunters to go out and explore the outdoors. Families have been getting outside more since the pandemic started and that might have had something to do with Ohio’s increased numbers. As for Lois Curry, who grabbed those two deer, the Georgia season is starting up in just a few weeks.

But, it’s not just grandmas who have been having the best hunts of their life lately. This past year, both Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean talked about their best hunts ever, and the biggest deer they have ever nabbed. Bryan is a very avid hunter in his spare time. They aren’t just telling tales, either. Buck Commander has gotten out footage of Bryan nabbing his prized deer this past year.

As most hunters do when faced with a prized kill, Bryan commanded absolute quiet. “Don’t move, don’t move,” he says in the video. It appeared he had buck fever for a moment until his friend told him to take a breath. After that, the country star gets ready to fire, the buck looks right at him, and he pulls the trigger. “That is an unbelievable deer. I just killed the biggest deer of my life,” he says to the camera.

So, from grandmas to country music stars, deer hunting is for everybody. Even if you don’t land a prized kill, there is something about connecting with the outdoors.