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770-lb Crocodile Discovered by Australian Wildlife Rangers

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor/ Getty Images)

This week in the land down under, Australian wildlife rangers have found a 770-pound crocodile in a tourist attraction.

In Australia’s Flora River, on a remote nature park lurked this massive monster. Weighing in at 770 pounds and measuring over 14 feet, this saltwater crocodile was the largest one to be caught in Australia’s Northern Territory in years.

John Burke, senior wildlife ranger, said that this newly-captured reptile will be taken to a crocodile farm and become part of the breeding program.

The massive crocodile was first spotted two years ago after low wet seasons in the Katherine region. But let’s be honest, with a croc this size, how could you not?

Burke believes that crocodiles are moving out of their typical locations and into more high trafficked tourist areas because of the rise in temperatures. He says it’s a “serious reminder you are in croc country”.

He goes on to say that crocodiles live in any waterway in the Top End of Australia, so always be smart about your surroundings. “Never be complacent around the water and only swim in designated swimming areas or pools.”

Burke also brought to attention that crocodile numbers have been increasing in Australia’s Northern Territory. Since the 1970s federal law that made them a protected species.

“They certainly are increasing, and that’s part of the reason we have the management zones — to reduce the numbers in high-visitation areas so there’s less chance of interaction between salties and people,” Burke said.

The last significant crocodile sighting was three years ago in the same areas as this monster. That reptile measured a stunning 15.5 feet.

The Largest Crocodile

The trophy for the largest crocodile recorded belongs to Lolong. Lolong was a male saltwater crocodile that measured in at 20 feet 3 inches and weighed over 2,370 pounds. Lolong was living in a creek in the Philippines.

Imagine seeing Lolong swimming after you when you are out for a swim!

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