8-Year-Old Iowa Boy Takes Down Monster Drop-Tine Buck After Whiffing on First Shot

by Michael Freeman

There’s no worse feeling than whiffing a shot at a monstrous deer, just for it to immediately take off. An 8-year-old Iowa resident luckily didn’t have to experience this, taking down a huge drop-tine buck after missing his first shot.

Logan Lovell, the happy hunter in question, sat down with Field & Stream to talk about the event. Happening just two hours into the state’s youth season opener, Lovell tagged a 12-pointer with three drop-tines on September 18. Logan hunted with his father, Clyde Lovell, in Benton County. Logan recalled being nervous upon seeing the buck to Field & Stream.

“I thought it was a really good deer, so I really wanted to shoot it,” Logan told the outlet. “Whenever I go to shoot at any deer, I get really bad buck fever. So that’s why I missed the first shot. I was shaking too much.” I think we’ve all been there before.

Logan and his father spotted a group of whitetails moving toward them around 7:30 a.m. that morning. Not getting a good look until they were about 75 yards away, they saw the 12-pointer among them. Clyde told his son to get ready to shoot, but unfortunately, he completely missed. Luckily, it didn’t scare the group, so Clyde quickly told Logan to try again.

Armed with his father’s encouragement and steadied nerves, Logan took the shot. Waiting 45 minutes to trail the buck, they didn’t find any blood, concerning them both. Initially disheartened, Logan caught up to his dad and realized he actually got the deer. “My dad saw him but he didn’t tell me,” says Logan. “Then I ran up to him, and I was just really excited. Right away I jumped on him and lifted up his head so I was able to count all the points.”

While Visiting Family Farm, 10-Year-Old Girl Takes Down a 200-Inch Buck at 200 Yards

Logan Lovell isn’t the only kid scoring huge deer lately, it seems. Earlier this year, a 10-year-old girl took down her first deer ever, which happened to be a 200-inch buck at 200 yards.

Ella and her father, Cody Perkins, began hunting together last season in Georgia. The 2020 season saw Ella scoring her first doe, which her father was understandably proud of. “I’ve just enjoyed deer hunting all my life,” he said. “So getting Ella involved with that last year…was a joy to me and a new chapter for both of us.”

However, it wasn’t until recently Ella took scored her first buck, which happened to be on their family farm. Back in July, the family noticed a 200-plus velvet whitetail would frequently visit the farm. Since the season hadn’t kicked off yet, the duo couldn’t hunt the deer, but it was only a matter of time until it came back.

Luckily enough, it recently returned and Ella nailed it from 200 yards away. Talking to Outdoor Life, she was nervous but knew she could do it. “I was shaking, but I was still confident and knew from my practice that I was a good shot.”