8-Year-Old Lives Out His Dream of Being a Wildlife Photographer

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Soumyabrata Roy/NurPhoto via Getty Images) (Photo by Soumyabrata Roy/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A talented 8-year-old wildlife photographer finally gets to live out his dream! Young Oban’s dreams recently came true after National Geographic let him be a naturalist and professional photographer for a day.

In 2020, doctors diagnosed Oban with a rare form of cancer called Burkitt lymphoma. Unfortunately, it quickly changed into Burkitt leukemia due to it quickly spreading throughout his body. National Cancer Institute defines this condition as a rare, fast-growing blood cancer that can lead to lymph node tumor growths on the chest and/or abdomen. These masses have the potential to severely impair the ability to fight off illness and disease. However, 8-year-old Oban is in remission and is still committed to his goal of becoming a wildlife photographer and naturalist.

“I love animals and nature because of my experiences in school,” said Oban.

Thankfully, the Make-A-Wish Connecticut and Make-A-Wish Southern Florida Foundation helped make his dream a reality. Oban traveled from Connecticut to meet National Geographic Explorer Carlton Ward Jr. There, the 8-year-old wildlife photographer embarked on an exclusive tour through Florida’s Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

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Ward revealed to the foundation how impressed he was with the 8-year-old wildlife photographer’s knowledge of the Florida wildlife.

“I was blown away by Oban’s knowledge coming in here as an 8-year-old,” Ward told Make-A-Wish. “To be there talking about the Florida panther and Oban being able to recite facts about the panther from articles that I was a part of that he read and he knew the back story and he’d learned about me and what I do. It’s super motivating.”

The talented 8-year-old wildlife photographer also got the opportunity to visit the panther habitat, photograph deer, wading birds, raccoons, and Florida flora and fauna.

“To be able to share these experiences firsthand in such a direct way, one-on-one and not just through the pages of a magazine or a TV documentary. This is the reason why we do this,” Ward said.

Oban’s experience also allowed him to learn more about the life of a wildlife photographer. This includes how Ward uses his camera to get the best photographs and videos to focus on Florida’s endangered wilderness.

At Outsider, we couldn’t be more thrilled with Oban’s incredible opportunity.

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