80-Year-Old Texas Woman Shoots Buck From Kitchen While Cooking

by Chris Haney
Photo by Wild Horizons/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Earlier in November, an 80-year-old East Texas woman was making lunch when she saw a large buck and took it out with one shot from her kitchen window.

In true Outsider form, Virginia Luce bagged an 11-pointer, which is not even the largest buck reported during the early days of Texas’ whitetail hunting season. But, between her recent hunt from home and her life in general, Luce is surely the most fascinating story of the state’s hunting season to date.

Luce has lived an extraordinary life, one that will inspire others after hearing her story. The Kennard, TX native has stayed busy and active in her later years. She worked as a registered nurse helping those in need at a local hospital right up until her recent retirement just two months ago.

Additionally, Luce is a four-time cancer survivor, however, she hasn’t let the disease slow her down. She is a veteran hunter who has continued to enjoy her favorite pastime throughout her life. In fact, she has not missed a whitetail season opener in years. For numerous seasons, Luce and her husband, Myrl, have hunted on their own 80-acre property, which conveniently sits next to Davy Crockett National Forest. The couple built their home in the 1980s, and have lived and hunted in the area for decades.

A Couple That Hunts Together, Stays Together

The enormous forest area takes up more than 160,000 acres of land in Houston and Trinity counties, which is around 2 hours north of Houston, TX. Yet, don’t think you’re allowed to come enjoy the Luce’s land for your own hunting expeditions. That right is reserved for family members only. And her family, especially Luce and her husband, have taken full advantage of their beautiful land for years. But, their love for hunting and fishing even predates their property. They’ve enjoyed the outdoors together since Luce was 17 years old.

“It’s a pretty good spot,” Luce said of their home. “My husband and I have hunted and fished together for our entire married life — 63 years. I usually kill a buck every year, but we don’t allow anyone to shoot the momma deer. The way I see it, if you leave the girls alone, the boys will come.”

While Luce and her husband, who is 83, do not get around as well as they used to, her aim is as true as ever. The couple keep corn feeders stocked on their property every fall and use game cameras to keep an eye on wildlife. Luce says she’s spent countless hours in hunting blinds, but in recent years, she’s been more limited in her physical activities. Therefore, the couple has gotten creative with their hunting strategies in recent seasons.

“I do all my hunting from the house now,” Luce said with a laugh. “My kitchen is my deer stand. We take the screen off one of the windows every fall. I can see a pretty good ways from there.”

Buck Hunted From Luce’s Kitchen Window is Her Largest Kill Ever

On Nov. 8, Luce was at her “deer stand” making lunch around noon. Far off in the distance, she spotted a buck through her kitchen window at the edge of the national forest. She grabbed her binoculars, and sure enough, she saw the large buck about 175 yards away. She said she recognized the male whitetail from the couple’s game camera from a few weeks back.

“It was a really big buck,” she said. “We’d seen him on our game camera at a feeder a few weeks back, but that was the last deer I expected to show up right here behind the house.”

The 80-year-old quickly grabbed her Remington .243 and placed the rifle’s barrel through the kitchen window. She centered the buck in her scope and pulled the trigger. The buck took off, but he didn’t get far.

Myrl had no idea his wife was hunting a deer from the kitchen. As he sat in a living room recliner watching television, he heard his wife’s rifle go off.

“She watches them all the time when she’s in the kitchen,” he said. “Right after the shot, she hollered, ‘Well, that was the big one, Daddy.’ That’s when I put my boots on, got on the tractor and went to load him up. He didn’t go far. She doesn’t miss very often.”

Luce says she’s shot multiple bucks throughout her years of hunting. However, she said this particular 11-pointer is by far her largest and best kill of her hunting career. All from the comforts of her own home.

“When I saw all those horns I thought was I seeing things — I’d never seen anything like it,” she exclaimed. “I got so excited about that deer that I can’t even remember what I was fixing for lunch.”

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