81-Year-Old Grandma on Bear Attack: ‘I Survived Because He Took the Dog’

by Michael Freeman

They say dogs are man’s best friend and a recent occurrence highlights that. When a bear attacked an 81-year-old grandmother, she reported only surviving the ordeal thanks to her dog’s valiant sacrifice.

According to the New York Post, the grandmother, Carol Neighbour, who fought off a 300-pound bear on Monday said it’s thanks to her dog, Amanda, sacrificing her life. “I survived, because he took the dog. If he had not taken the dog, he probably would have gotten rid of me,” Neighbour said.

Around 7 p.m. that night, she just let out her springer spaniel Amanda and her daughter’s dog, Vizsla, when they spotted two bears. The duo was eating Neighbour’s trash and after turning on the light, the two dogs started running toward them and barking. The bigger bear ran away, but the smaller 300-pound one stayed and attacked Amanda.

Carol tried defending her dogs which forced the bear’s attention exclusively on her. “I was punching at him and yelling,” she told the New York Post in an interview. After biting Neighbour’s leg and leaving a gash requiring stitches, the bear took off with Amanda. “When they finally found her in the woods, they took her to the vet and she couldn’t be saved,” Neighbour said. “We had to put her mother down this year, who was 17. It’s hard losing two in the same year.” Luckily, Vizsla escaped the encounter unscathed.

Black bears are much more common in the mountainous area of Sussex County New Jersey than in other places. Though human-bear interactions are becoming more common, bear attacks as a whole are “extremely rare,” Department of Environmental Protection representative Larry Hajana stated.

California Woman Bear-Sprays a Cougar Invading Her Home and Saves Her Dog’s Life

The incident with Carol Neighbour involved her dog saving her life, but in the particular instance just last week, the opposite happened. In California, after a cougar invaded a woman’s home, she bear-sprayed a cougar to save her dog.

Speaking to Noozhawk, Ted Adams recounted the tale of how his wife Tracey saved their dog with bear repellent. When the family dog, Buddy, began barking downstairs, the family suddenly heard a huge crash. Going to check it out, they saw “just the chunkiest lion” in a bedroom. Going berserk, the mountain lion came through a French door and was desperately trying to get out.

The horrifying part is it had the dog in its mouth. Thinking quickly, Tracey grabbed the bear repellent and put it to good use. “She grabbed the bear spray and then opened the bedroom door back up again, and the mountain lion was just getting ready to start feeding on the dog,” Adams said. “So Tracy went over and gave it a full blast (of bear spray) in the face.”

This prompted the mountain lion to go after Tracey, who hit it with another blast of the spray. Doing so gave her the time she needed to open the French doors and the lion escaped into the darkness.

“It lasted about five minutes and boom, it changed our reality for the evening, if not for our lifetime,” Adams said.