Hurricane Ida: 90 Percent of New Orleans Power Outages to Be Restored by Wednesday Night, Curfew Lifted

by Shelby Scott

As fast as Hurricane Ida struck was as fast as she moved on. The Category-4 hurricane made landfall in Louisiana on August 29th, on the 16th anniversary of the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina. The mega-storm seemingly made headlines then dropped from the media. However, the case is not so for those who were in the storm’s direct path.

Reports state only now that 90% of New Orleans LA power outages will see reversal by Wednesday night. Simply put, that means some LA residents will have been without power for more than two weeks.

Currently, 75% of the power outages across LA resulting from Ida saw restoration since crews headed out following the storm. The state’s governor, John Bel Edwards, said there are still 271,718 power outages overall since Ida’s destruction.

Further, Entergy LA Vice President of Distribution Operations, John Hawkins said, “Our crews are encountering massive damage – particularly in the hardest-hit areas.”

However, he highlighted that the company has “a storm team of nearly 26,000 people who will not stop until the last light is back on.”

The claim, while promising, will no doubt be a hard one to achieve. CNN reports that following Hurricane Ida, Entergy saw 30,679 poles, 36,469 spans of wire, and 5,959 transformers all damaged. The total numbers areas across both LA and Mississippi. To put that in perspective, the damage from Hurricane Ida totals more than that combined between Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Delta, and Zeta.

Hurricane Ida Death Tolls Rise

Major power outages continue to plague New Orleans and other areas across LA. However, in certain ways, the issue compares as one of the lesser ones caused by Hurricane Ida. As rescue, recovery, and repair operations continue, the hurricane’s total death toll continues to increase. So far, the northeast has seen the deaths of at least 50 Americans. LA’s Governor reports a total of 12 as of Sunday.

The states reporting storm and flooding-related deaths include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland. That is, in addition to the reports coming from the Gulf Coast states.

Additionally, Hurricane Ida sent several Americans missing, with two, both of whom were college students, not yet located.

And while hurricane and flooding-related deaths are no doubt tragic, one elderly LA resident saw one of the worst kinds of deaths following Hurricane Ida’s destruction. Reports stated that 71-year-old Timothy Saterlee Sr. had survived the worst of Ida’s impact and proceeded to go check the damage to his shed.

However, the decision cost the man his life as floodwaters brought in one of the state’s largest predators: alligators. Satterlee’s wife heard splashing soon after the man left the house, assuming he had fallen.

However, sights were much more horrific as she saw the gator held the man in his jaws, forcing him into a “death roll.” His arm was ripped from his body. When the woman returned after going for help, her husband and the predator were nowhere in sight.

As search and recovery efforts continue following Hurricane Ida’s destruction throughout the Gulf Coast and the East Coast, we keep affected Outsiders in our thoughts.