Acadia National Park: 6-Year-Old Suffers Injuries Falling About 50 Feet Into Well

by Courtney Blackann

A young boy is suffering from head and neck injuries after falling 50 feet into some water in Acadia National Park Friday.

The boy was swimming with his family and then hiking along Canon Brook Trail when he made the fall. Just before 4 p.m., the boy was walking around the base of Dorr Mountain when he fell on a slope into the water.

He went by helicopter into Bar Harbor where he received medical treatment for his injuries. No other information was immediately released.

However, the incident wasn’t the only event that day. Earlier in the afternoon, an 18-year-old teen was rescued after diving into shallow water in Sand Beach. The teen drifted into the ocean where bystanders alerted a lifeguard and officials were able to rescue him.

The teen was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital in Bangor.

Acadia National Park Deaths

It’s not entirely uncommon for hikers to slip and fall when walking along trails in national parks all over the country. Even the most experienced hikers need to take caution when venturing out.

In a more harrowing incident, two hikers missing earlier this year in Acadia National Park. They were found dead after falling about 100 feet, park officials estimate.

The two were identified only as a 28-year-old man and 30-year-old woman. The pair had been hiking along Dorr Mountain. The woman spoke to family members about pivoting toward Cadillac Mountain. This is presumably where the couple headed that Friday afternoon. That was the last time anyone spoke to them.

The family of the two soon after filed a missing persons report. The Maine State Police along with Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue put together a search. Additionally, staff members from the park joined the efforts.

The man and woman failed to check out of their hotel room or return their rental car. The rescue teams searched the area in addition to a Coast Guard helicopter search.

While the searches initially didn’t turn up anything, a rescuer found the bodies a day later. The two appeared to have died instantly.

Icy conditions on the mountains could have contributed to the couple’s deaths. The couple’s names are unknown.

National Parks Service Warning About Hiking in Good Conditions

The National Park Service warned hikers to always share their location with someone. It’s also imperative to be smart about hiking in good conditions.

After a long year in isolation, many sought out national parks to get out of the house. Officials said 2021 is a record year for park visitors, so all need to take precautions.

“We’re expecting one of the busiest years on record,” Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles, National Park Service assistant director of communications, told Yahoo Finance. “Plan like a park ranger… Make sure you have a reservation before you hop in the car so your only surprises are those happy ones.”