Acadia National Park: Gorgeous Photos from Legendary Maine National Park

by Jon D. B.

Acadia National Park, “the Crown Jewel of the North Atlantic Coast”, is one of the top wonders America has to offer – and these stunning photos from their official Instagram prove exactly why.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Acadia National Park, reminiscing through photos, or simply curious – these phenomenal shots of this iconic Maine park will captivate you all the same.

Located in Bar Harbor, Maine, Acadia is far for most of us, but well worth the trip. If you’ve yet to venture to this legendary landscape, their official park website breaks down what to expect as follows:

“Acadia National Park protects the natural beauty of the highest rocky headlands along the Atlantic coastline of the United States, an abundance of habitats, and a rich cultural heritage,” the site states foremost. In addition, “at 3.5 million visits a year, it’s one of the top 10 most-visited national parks in the United States. Visitors enjoy 27 miles of historic motor roads, 158 miles of hiking trails, and 45 miles of carriage roads,” as well, making the experience far more than just a gorgeous photo-op.

Sold on Acadia National Park yet? If not, prepare to be – courtesy of the absolute best of their Instagram photos.

Acadia National Park in Photos: Scoodic Point

“Bruce Milroy, of Spring Hill, KS, shares a photo from Sept 30 at Scoodic Point,” Acadia’s account posts of this phenomenal sunset.

“This was our first trip to Acadia and definitely won’t be our last,” says the photographer, Bruce Milroy. “We loved the beauty and solitude of the Schoodic peninsula. Definitely worth the drive over from MDI.” (Photo courtesy of Bruce Milroy. Used with permission.)”

Ocean Path Trail, Acadia National Park

“Jonathan Young, of Houston, TX, shares a photo he took along the Ocean Path Trail on Oct 21.”

“Not sure what’s better around Bar Harbor (Ba-Ha-Ba), the views or the laub stahh,” Young captions his own photo. Clearly, Acadia’s team of locals has a great sense of humor when it comes to visitors from far away lands (i.e. Texas).

Forest Boardwalk, Jordan Pond

Rachel Silarszka, of Fairfax, VA, shares a photo she posted on Aug 11. “On my second day in Acadia, I hiked the path around Jordan Pond. Half of the hike was a boardwalk-like path that helps protect the fragile plants below. I thought the hike along the bog looked a bit like Dagobah, the home of Yoda, a Star Wars character, in his later years,” Silarszka says.

Many extra points for the Star Wars reference, Rachel!

Milky Way via the Schoodic Penninsula

This absolutely stellar capture of our own Milky Way Galaxy seen through the eyes of Acadia National Park comes courtesy of Joe Domrad. “To close out calendar year 2019 on New Year’s Eve, Joe Domrad shares a night skies photo of the Milky Way taken in June from the Schoodic Penninsula,” their Instagram clarifies.

“Was visiting home for the year anniversary of my father passing away, and was trying to find solace under the stars… I grew up in Milbridge, Maine, and lived in Maine my whole life until moving to Maui,” Domrad says of the shot. “I’ve started my photography journey out here, while frequently visiting Haleakala National Park.”

Stormy Maine Shores, Acadia National Park

Christopher Petro, of Pismo Beach, CA, shares a photo from Sept 30. “Waiting for sunset along the Maine shore as a storm rolls in,” Petro says of his stunning shot.

The photo’s most popular comment, from another photography account, says it best. “Really nice composition… so many attractive elements… can hardly look away,” he replies. Too true!

Sunset at Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park

“Amber Seaman, of Cleveland, OH, shares this photo of sunset at Jordan Pond,” Acadia’s Instagram says of the brilliant shot.

“We had walked almost 10 miles that day at this point and had been up since the early morning hours to watch the sunrise at Cadillac Mountain,” Seaman, the photographer, says. In addition, she notes “we were exhausted and nearing the end of our time in Acadia, but we were so excited to watch the sunset over the pond. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful end to a thrilling couple days of hiking in Acadia. We’ll certainly be back.”

Schoodic Point in the Fog

Several captures of Schoodic Point made it onto this list. This one, however, may take the prize for best Schoodic shot. Orion Carroll, of Fredericksburg, VA, took this photo of Schoodic Point on Aug 8.

“I have been visiting Maine ever since I was a child as my aunt lives in Sedgwick, ME,” Carroll starts off. “I have visited Acadia more times than I can count and I still long to go back each year. It feels like home. The park is such a vivid part of my childhood, especially the Schoodic peninsula portion. The night before this photo was taken we decided to get up at 3 am to make the drive to watch the sunrise at Schoodic point. Although what we got wasn’t a “sunrise,” we got a dark, foggy, ethereal morning; a side I have never gotten to see of the park,” he says of the ethereal, gripping shot. “We could hear the lobstermen working off of the coast, but just couldn’t see them through the fog. I will never forget this morning.”

Looking to visit Acadia National Park yourself?

Acadia’s own Blackwoods Campground, a popular location for campers known for its rocky Atlantic coastline and historic sites, makes our list of 10 Best Campgrounds if you’re down for a camp. Visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, and canoeing at the park, as well. “Blackwoods is located only 5 miles south of Bar Harbor, where campers have the opportunity to pick up supplies or enjoy the local cuisine. All sites are wooded and within a 10-minute walk to the ocean,” our review states.

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