Actor Michael Rapaport Loses His Mind Filming Wild Moment Huge Bear Breaks Into His Mom’s Car

by Megan Molseed

“No. Not Yogi!” exclaims actor Michael Rapaport in a recent Twitter post. The entire situation is absolutely hilarious. But, it was also pretty frightening.

On Sunday afternoon, actor and comedian Michael Rapaport shared an unbelievable video on his Twitter page. In the video, it appears that a very large brown bear is trying – and actually succeeding – to hop into his Rapaport’s mother’s vehicle.

It’s not immediately clear where this all went down. But, wherever it is, the actor and comedian had a front-row seat for the unbelievable moment. And, thankfully, he recorded it for us all to witness.

Michael Rapaport posted the video to his social media Sunday afternoon. In the video, it appears that the actor is recording the bear as it stands against the side of a red SUV.

The bear is big. Like…really big; as it stands next to the car.

As the video continues, the fearless bear appears to be leaning into the SUV’s open front drivers-side window. The bear seems intent on entering the vehicle as it stands on its hind legs, leaning into the car.

Suddenly we hear Michael Rapaport talking in the clip. Rapaport’s language is extremely colorful. But, really, is there a better time to use cuss-words than when a bear is climbing into your car? Maybe…but this particular situation has got to be up there in terms of situations where swearing is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

“Yo!” There’s A Bear In There!

“Yo, yo, call mom on the other phone,” you hear the actor say to someone at the start of the video. “Are you F—ing kidding me?!”

Meanwhile, the resourceful bear begins to hop, as if it is trying to climb into the vehicle, rocking the car under its weight, we can hear Rapaport speak to his mom over the phone.

“Ma! There’s a f—ing bear trying to get in your f—ing car right now!” the actor exclaims.

Then, the bear makes entry.

As the curious bear finally makes the right hop and begins climbing into the vehicle, you can hear Michael Rapaport as he tries to explain the situation to his mother over the phone. Clearly, she doesn’t believe a word he is trying to tell her.

Thank Goodness Michael Rapaport Has Video – Or His Mom Would Never Believe Him

“No, not Yogi,” the actor says over the phone. “By this time, the bear is completely inside the vehicle.

“It ain’t a mascot, ma!” the actor finally says.

“A Bear just broke into my Mothers car,” the actor wrote when he shared the unbelievable footage on his Twitter page Sunday.

“A real (bear) in my real Moms car,” Rapaport continued. “WTF is happening out here.”

And, this is where the video ends. Even though most of us are dying to hear what happened next. Did the car make it out of the situation okay? For that matter, did the bear get out okay? Did Michael Rapaport’s mom ever believe him?

According to Rapaport’s Twitter post, he discussed the dramatic moment on his podcast.

“Relive all the drama on my Podcast @iamrapaport,” the actor wrote on the post, along with a link to the Podcast.

Hopefully, we can find some answers to all of these questions there!