6 Cave and Underground Airbnb Rentals

by Jacklyn Krol

Did you ever want to stay in a cave, bunker, or underground for the evening? Airbnb has caves and underground listings that you can rent, right now!

Take a look at the top six cave and underground rentals on Airbnb, below.

Orondo, Washington – $400


This “Earth House” is perfect for two guests who are looking for a picturesque underground escape. The home is located in the Columbia River Gorge mountainside. Guests will have access to six acres of trails to hike on. There is a place to park at the bottom of the hill, however, you’ll have to hike up a steep hill to the “hobbit hole.”

Leavenworth, Washington – $237

This literal cave you can spend the night in with up to three of your closest friends. The owners spent over two years constructing and designing the cave. Guests will also have access to the cavern hot tub. They even have a gondola from Whistler.

Sedona, Arizona – $199

Are you ready for the ultimate experience? This rental sleeps up to four guests. For those who may be worried about the weather, the cave is on average 10-20 degrees cooler than the weather outside. You’re truly in the wilderness, there is a lot of steep terrains, and you’ll even need a guide to direct you to the cave. Finally, you’ll even have access to your very own creek!

Boulder, Colorado – $325

“Bedrock Homestead” sleeps up to five guests in this one of a kind cave. You’ll need an all wheel drive vehicle to access the property that is inside the Grand Staircase National Monument. The property sits on a working farm, you’ll see countless animals during your stay. You can even hike on top of the house!

State College, Pennsylvania – $109

This isn’t a full cave, instead it has a mine-like structure for the hallway and staircase. The home is from the 1920’s and is only accessible from the cave entrance. This home is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, it features a beehive, living walls, recording studio, and a climbing rock wall.

Farmington, New Mexico – $340


Kokopelli’s Cave is a manmade creation. The owners hydro-drilled and blasted the sandstone 70 feet below the surface. The cave uses natural geothermal climate control and stays between 62 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll have the amenities of a typical home with a television with BluRay and Bluetooth stereo.