Alaska Bison Herd Trample Over Car in Scary Video

by Madison Miller

Bison love to trample, it’s in their nature. This is part of the reason why national parks and wildlife organizations always urge people to keep their distance from all wild animals.

Now, a new video shows that you may not even be safe from certain wildlife while locked and secure inside your car.

In Alaska, this winter season has provided a lot of challenges. A rainstorm created an icy layer on the snow, which is making it hard for prominent Alaskan animals like bison, moose, and caribou to travel. As a result, there are more of these animals on roads and trails because it’s easier to get around.

A driver captured the moment in Delta Junction, Alaska in which a herd of bison surrounds a car. They are staying on the road despite traffic, perhaps due to the huge snow piles lining the roads. These animals anxiously are moving back and forth. They are so close to this car you can see their hot breath visible in the cold Alaskan air.

Clearly, they are set on taking this country road home. So much so that they decide to go right over the car. You can suddenly hear the sounds of crunching metal as the bison gallop over the vehicle.

These wild animals trample the small car. Luckily, the person driving is responsive and seems to be fine.

Moose Tramples Sled Team

Sadly, Alaskan animals have been trampling over plenty of innocent animals and people.

According to ABC News, a large bull moose trampled the sled dog team of a rookie Iditarod musher deep in the Alaskan wilderness. Bridgett Watkins witnessed as this moose spent an hour stomping over her beloved dogs.

This moose seriously injured four of her dogs. She called out for help and one of her friends showed up and shot the moose with a rifle. After the hour-long trampling, this seemed like the only way to end the scary situation.

“This isn’t what I was planning for, but these dogs and myself have trained for so long and so hard for this race … when I walk back out to my dog yard and I have 12 perfectly healthy dogs out of the 16 and they look at me and all they want to do is run, how can I tell them no? That would be selfish of me. These are freaking amazing athletes that just survived probably the most traumatic experience of any dog team ever in history, and they’re survivors and they’re still pushing through,” she told the Associated Press.

The four injured dogs were taken to a nearby veterinarian. She told reporters she shot the moose with a .380 caliber gun but it wasn’t enough to kill or even stop the animal from its attack.