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Alaska Hiker Bitten by Mama Bear After His Dog Chases Her Cubs

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

One of the most important rules of wildlife — never mess with a mama bear unless you’re looking for a bad day.

A man in Alaska has was bitten by a mama bear twice after a complicated interaction.

The man was hiking on the Kenai River Trail on Sunday, June 27. He was walking alongside his 13-month-old border collie dog when the duo happened upon some brown bears.

According to the New York Post, the dog spotted the wild animals and took off after them. The mama bear was not having this entire interaction. Suddenly, it charged after the hiker and bit him in the arm.

The man then jumped into the Kenai River in the hopes of getting away from the bear. However, the bear followed him in and bit him again, this time on the shoulder.

The hiker got exceptionally lucky. The bear ended up retreating, sparing the man’s life. He hiked back to his car and was able to call for help. An ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital where he was treated for some minor injuries.

If you’re worried about where the 13-month-old border collie went, so were many people shortly after the attack. The pup was initially on the loose and missing. In another amazing stroke of luck and good fortune, the dog was found and will soon be reunited with his owner.

The situation could have been deadly for both the man and the dog, but somehow, both made it out with only minor injuries.

Two Campers Attacked in Tent

The incident with the man and his dog on Sunday isn’t the only bear attack to recently happen in that area.

Two campers were also attacked in Alaska’s Kenai National Wildlife Refuge earlier this month.

According to USA Today, the two campers were sound asleep in their tent when the terrifying attack unfolded. The two were camping along the shoreline of Skilak Lake near the mouth of Hidden Creek.

The campers didn’t do anything to specifically trigger the attack. It seems like it may have just been wrong-place, wrong-time. Instead, the bear came right up to the tent and started attacking. It’s a reminder that even inside an enclosed tent, outdoor enthusiasts are never 100% protected.

They managed to kayak to another campground to look for help following the attack. One person was airlifted to the hospital, while the other rode in an ambulance. The extent of their injuries was not reported at the time.

The campers were even prepared for this type of attack. They had bear spray and a bear horn, but everything happened so quickly they were unable to use these safety measures. The essential first aid supplies they packed turned out life-saving, however.

It’s important to always be prepared when hiking, camping, or doing anything outdoors.