Alaska National Guard Rescues Man Mauled by Mother Grizzly Bear: VIDEO

by Madison Miller

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are few things as terrifying as the notion of an unprovoked bear attack out in bear territory.

For one unfortunate hunter, this was an all-too-real reality. A 29-year-old hunter was viciously mauled by the mother grizzly bear near Anchorage, Alaska.

Man Mauled by Grizzly and Rescued

Luckily, he was able to make it out of the gruesome situation alive. In fact, some dramatic footage shows the moment in which the Alaska Air National Guard scoops him into the air for medical attention. It’s like the final scene out of an epic survival movie or a Bear Grylls show.

According to Alaska’s New Source, the man was Jason Long and he was attacked near the Chisana River in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. He was in a drainage area right next to the river on Wednesday while he was there hunting. He said that a sow and two cubs approached him and he was quickly mauled.

Long has some severe lacerations and puncture wounds. Long had an inReach locator device on him, which proved to be lifesaving. When the National Guard scooped him up, they took him over to an Anchorage hospital and he’s now in stable condition and lives to tell the tale about his encounter with a not-so-friendly momma grizzly.

A two-man team treated Long at the scene and then prepared him for transport.

As for the bear, the wildlife authorities in the area are not going to seek out the bear responsible for the attack. The bear exhibited normal behavior for the species so hunting and killing it is unnecessary.

“Female bears with cubs are naturally defensive of their young, especially when surprised. There is no indication that this bear is unusually dangerous,” a press release from the park said.

Coast Guard Rescued Man in Alaska from Nightmare

In late July, another man in Alaska faced a gruesome experience with a grizzly bear before eventually being rescued by the National Guard as well.

The internet compared the entire situation to the 2015 film “The Revenant,” starring Leonardo DeCaprio. That means you already know it’s going to be a terrifying situation. A man had spent days in the wilderness trying to survive as an avid grizzly bear stalked him through the Alaskan bush.

According to The New York Times, the man had found a small shack at a mining camp and had written SOS on the tin roof. Luckily, the National Guard found him as he waved frantically for their help. He had non-life-threatening injuries, including damage to his leg.

He told the crew that the bear had dragged him down to the river one day. Then, the bear would come back each night and he was unable to sleep for days. He was at the shack for five days before the epic rescue.