Alligator Attack Hero From Viral Video Speaks Out About the Shocking Incident

by Madison Miller

Recently, a video of a woman getting attacked by an alligator at a children’s birthday party went viral.

The party was held on August 14 at the Scales and Tails reptile center in Utah. A handler, Lindsay Bull, is seen trying to guide an alligator back into a tank. She signs a specific command to the alligator, but it instead grabs her by the hand and slowly tries to pull her into the tank.

She then gets pulled all the way into the tank by the gator. Given her background in training reptiles, the woman knows its best to roll with the alligator in this situation. Luckily, she gets a helping hand not too long after the entire nightmare begins.

According to ABC 7 News, the woman filming, Theresa Wiseman, has her husband standing next to her. Donnie Wiseman jumps into the tank and wrestles her hand out of the locked alligator jaws. Another guest also helps pry the handler’s hand free from the gator’s grasp.

The handler was taken to the hospital and will make a full recovery from the terrifying situation. She did have some broken bones and tendon damage from the event.

According to TMZ, Donnie Wiseman got an emotional message from Lindsay Bull’s mother following the terrifying event. “He says she told him it was a godsend for him to be on Lindsay’s tour, because he was the only one there who was willing to sacrifice his life to save her. Donnie says he cried when he got the message and it made everything worthwhile,” the news outlet reported on the situation.

Donnie Wiseman also said that he felt like it was “now or never” after witnessing the look of sheer terror on Lindsay’s face amidst the attack. He was brave to wrestle the alligator, which he has zero experience with.

Lindsay Bull Response to Attack

Wiseman also told TMZ that Lindsay was just as brave as him. The handler reacted calmly and thoughtfully amidst a disturbing attack. Meanwhile, Lindsay Bull has also spoken out following the now very public alligator attack.

She explained the attack by saying, “Once he bit down he thrashed his head, so I grabbed his jaw shut to try to enable me to keep control of his head the best I could. At that point, he pulled back on me, which is indicative of preparing for a roll,” Bull said to WVLT.

The alligator’s name is Darth Gator and is a whopping eight feet long. Despite the attack, Bull is defending the gator and doesn’t want authorities to take any action against the reptile. The two have been working together for three years.

“I love him. He is like a member of my family. That is true of everybody who works there. Everybody loves Darth,” she said, according to WION News.