Alligator Takes Dinner To-Go, Emerges From Pond Eating Huge Fish

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

One Florida alligator didn’t care about golfer Mike Murphy’s shot, eating a giant fish while taking his dinner to-go near a pond last week.

Murphy caught the slow alligator walk through his shot at the Tara Golf and Country Club in Bradenton. The reptile walked out of the lake, across the green, and down a cart path to another lake.

Fox 35 Orlando shared Murphy’s video of the alligator.

Alligator Walk Could’ve Been Scarier

Murphy and his group smartly let the reptile walk at the course. There are alligator and rattlesnake warnings throughout the area.

Let’s face it, golf courses and alligators in the south go together. Florida gators live in all of the state’s 67 counties. 

Some golfers can’t resist for some reason. Some in South Carolina see a sign that says don’t touch the alligators, and it’s an invitation to handle them.

In April, a man at the Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort molested an alligator. He picked it up by the tail, and that’s a no-no. When resorts officials tracked him down, they told the S.C. Department of Natural Resources. The unidentified man is now facing a misdemeanor charge. That charge carries a fine between $100 to $150 or 30 days in prison.

There’s probably a good reason not to touch the alligators there. Well, according to USA Today, an Ohio man lost his arm on the same island in 2013. The golfer was at Ocean Creek Golf Course on Fripp Island when he leaned down at the edge of a lagoon to pick up his ball. Reportedly, a 400-pound alligator bit off his arm. The State newspaper reported he got a confidential settlement out of the lost arm. 

Florida Has Some Rules For The Reptiles

Yeah, serious injuries are rare in the Sunshine State. But even though Florida residents like to embrace their freedoms, they should probably limit themselves around these gators.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had some common-sense things for folks to follow. Don’t feed the alligators. Swim in the designated areas during daylight hours. Finally, keep your pets on a leash.

I know, I know. But what if the alligator started it, kids? 

A Palm Coast boy had his fishing rod stolen by an alligator in October. Dawson McMahon reeled in a bass and pulled it on land only for the gator to jump out of the water and grab it and the rod.

Luckily, the boy did not get hurt in the wild moment.

Well, the commission has a toll-free Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-392-4286. You could probably Tweet or D.M. them, but this is perhaps the fastest way. The FWC will send out a contracted nuisance alligator trapper to resolve the situation.