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Alligator Interrupts High School Swim Practice in Florida Pool

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

You should always check the pool before you dive into the pool. Indeed, an alligator in Florida interrupted a high school swim practice this week. The three-foot alligator made his presence known to the students at Monteverde Academy this week. Once in the water to practice, students noticed the alligator in the water.

In a Facebook post, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office wrote, “DFC Faust and Deputy Brownsberger responded to a call at Montverde Academy in reference to a 3-foot alligator that had decided to try out for the swim team, preventing the actual swim team from practicing.”

Alligator Invades Swim Practice

The message continued, “Deputy Brownsberger was able to use a safety hook to bring him to the edge where Deputy Faust reached down and grabbed the gator. His mouth was then secured with electric tape and temporarily detained so they could safely transport him to Lake Apopka, where the gator was released on its own recognizance. No deputies or gators were hurt during the encounter.”

Thankfully, no students or officers were injured from the encounter. Even better, the officers were able to secure the little gator and transport him away from the pool back to Lake Apopka where he belonged.

The Three-Legged Alligator

You never know what you might see out in the wild. For instance, if you are out in any lake in the Florida area, you might encounter a gator or two from time to time. It’s the nature of the beast. There are a lot of them out there and you never know for sure what you might find out in Lake Okeechobee, for instance.

A photographer actually spotted a three-legged alligator while out on the lake this month. Mike Wummer, the man who caught the video of the three-legged animal moving through the lake, wrote on Instagram, “This alligator obviously had a fight with another alligator and lost its right front limb.” So, the gator survived a previous fight with another alligator. However, it came at a severe cost. One of his or her limbs.

He continued, “But even with this alligator missing its right front leg he is vigilant to survive and will. This guy here was quite a ways from his waterhole and managing just fine. They are truly last of the the dinosaurs and they are tough creatures.” Still, the alligator is still moving about. The gator is a tough animal that is still doing what it needs to do to survive.

You never know what you might find in Florida. You have got to be on the lookout for little alligators in the school pool. Or you might find a three-legged friend in a lake making his or her way around the body of water trying to find his or her next meal.