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Alligator Spotted Swimming With a Football in Its Mouth in Florida Preserve

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Fans of the Florida Gators love their football, but did you know the gators themselves love it, too? Indeed, folks in Florida snapped a picture of an alligator roaming the water with a regulation-size football clenched between its teeth. Some have wondered how alligators had all of those teeth without a toothbrush, but what about how this gator fit this football in its jaw without popping the football?

Alligator with Football in Florida

Folks are dying to know how this alligator did not pop the football. One woman said, “My concern is that somehow the football was wedged in such a way that the gator could not apply pressure to pop it.” She continued, “The concern was also if the ball did pop, would it get lodged and kill the gator?”

Nobody has the answer here, but everyone wants to know. One commenter wrote in the Facebook Group Alligators of Florida, “Maybe he wants to play for the Florida Gators.” She continued, “Seriously though, does anyone know how this turned out? It looks like he could chomp that ball.”

We never got our answer, but it is certainly a sight to behold.

Baby Alligators Spotted in Texas

Speaking of things you might not see every day. In Texas, folks encountered over 20 baby alligators emerging from the water. Indeed, with the weather changing all across the country with springtime in full bloom, one has to keep an eye on their surroundings.

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge wrote in a new Facebook post, “One of our volunteers spotted about 20 baby alligators while hiking the Heron Flats Trail this weekend. These little ones probably hatched last year. Baby alligators typically stay with their mother for up to two years. Photo of young alligators on a grassy bank by Kevin Doxstater.”

This means that the mother was somewhere nearby.

Another Gator Spotted in Lousiana

This was not the only recent gator sighting in the South. Indeed, in Louisiana, a 5-year-old boy almost fell into a horrifying situation. He fell into a canal, but thankfully the fire and police departments were able to get the boy out in time before the alligators made their move in the canal.

Their post read, “Today the Westwego Vol. Fire Department responded to a rescue at the Westwego Canal. A 5-year-old boy fell into a canal near the pumping station and was rescued from the water by Daniel Duplantier who was near the canal watching alligators when he heard the boy yelling for help. Westwego Fire – Police & EMS helped to get the boy back across the canal to safety where he was treated by EMS. Spring is upon us and Summer is near, keep a close eye on children around waterways and swimming pools.”

You always have to keep your eyes peeled, folks.