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17 Amazon Camping Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by: Greg Vaughn /VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Whether you’re new to camping or looking to improve your outdoor experience, these 17 highly-rated Amazon camping supplies will do the trick.

As any camper will tell you, making it in the wild is no easy task. While some choose to camp as barebones as possible, most prefer a middle-ground we like to refer to as ‘wild comfort.’ So whether you’re looking to spruce-up your camping gear, or get started for the first time – We’ve compiled 17+ of Amazon’s best camping offerings for you to choose from. Each, too, is highly-rated and wilderness-tested. Long story short: there are no duds here.

Ready to explore, explorer? Up first is a lighter you’ll have to use to believe.

Power Sparkr Insert for Zippo Lighter Case

This dual-plasma arc beam lighter is windproof, rain-proof, and cold-proof. As any camper knows – all of these things can thwart a regular lighter. But now you never end up in this situation again. Simply insert this arc lighter into a flip-top lighter case and you’re good to go.


  • Battery Recharges in one hour, lasts over 100 uses
  • Clean, electric alternative to fossil-fuel products


  • Does not fit to all Zippo models
  • Requires Zippo lighter case sold or possessed separately

Cost: $14.97

KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag -5 gallons

Love camping but hate going without a shower? You’re not alone. Evidently, this is such a common “problem” that products like this portable shower bag have become very popular. With up to 5 gallons of water storage, this is your best bet at getting a warm shower. While out in the wilderness, that is.


  • Designed to be leak-proof
  • Comes with hose, tap and on/off switch shower head


  • Shower bag can take up to 3 hours to heat water
  • Poor handle based on reviews

Price: $19.99

G4Free Lightweight Collapsing Hiking Backpack

Firstly, this monster of a 40L hiking backpack will fold up into just a tiny 9-inch tote. For those who won’t fill backpacking gear until destination arrival – bring this tiny guy along. It comes with multiple compartments, elastic bungees and straps, and a chest strap. Mesh side pockets for water are included, as well.


  • Lightweight + compact for easy travel, folded up or otherwise
  • Made from “High-Quality Water and Tear Resistant Nylon”
  • 11 Different Styles


  • Limited padding on bag and straps
  • Reviewers say not great for long-distance hiking due to insufficient space

Price: $21.99

YOESOID Waterproof Solar Powered Bank & Charger

Next, this bad boy will come in handy for nearly any/all camping situations. Need to charge your lantern for more light? Cellphone dying and need to make an emergency call? Well, it can do all of this in addition to never needing a power outlet. Such is the beauty of solar power!


  • Non-explosive
  • Lightweight (0.55 lb)
  • Two USB ports, can charge two devices at once
  • High-illumination lights to assist with power outages or nighttime activity


  • More efficient to charge through outlet rather than via solar energy
  • Small percentage of reviewers complain about item misfunctioning after a couple uses

Price: $21.99

Camp for Free: Dispersed Camping & Boondocking on America’s Public Lands

Now here’s a new book campers will love. It was released just this July from experienced camper, John Soares. With more and more people hitting the outdoors as their escape from a crazy world, it’s also important to have some guidance. Luckily, Soares writes a pretty comprehensive book detailing exactly where you can camp for free and make the most of your trip.


  • Touches on federal and state lands, as well as monuments, forests and more
  • Further, enough detail on areas to help when cell service cuts out
  • List of what you need to not get lost
  • $4.95 to read on an Amazon Kindle


  • Targeted to beginner demographic, rather than experienced campers

Price: $11.95 (paperback)

FLY2SKY Tent Lamps – Portable LED 4 Pack

One of the best inventions to benefit campers has absolutely been the LED lightbulb. LEDs can run for hours on tiny amounts of power. Lanterns, in particular, have benefitted heavily from this technology. If you’re looking to light your camping space efficiently & cheaply, however, this 4-pack is the way to go. Further, each is palm-sized (5.7 X 2.1 inch), and takes up very little room.


  • 10-15 hour length on high-power
  • Made from plastic, durable and water-resistant
  • 3-light settings: high, low, strobe


  • Does not provide any warmth
  • Relatively small compared to competing camping lights

Price: $11.99

LED Rechargable Camping Lantern from LE

Looking for something a little more hardcore? This LE lantern comes in with stellar reviews for charge longevity, brightness, and durability. As we mentioned – LED lanterns are a game-changer, and this is one of the best deals on the market. Additionally, charge the unit before you leave the house, vehicle, or hotel.


  • Four light offerings, with adjustable brightness
  • Rated to last up to 12 hours
  • Additionally serves as power bank, can charge phones and offers usb port


  • Some reviewers report varying battery life
  • Additional complaints about brightness intensity, despite adjustability
  • More expensive than competing products

Price: $33.99

OASKYs 3-Season Sleeping Bag

Anyone who’s ever had the wrong sleeping bag will never forget it. Conveniently, OASKYs is looking to solve this problem with their 3-season sleeper. Conversely, the sleeping bag works well in multiple different types of temperature and weather conditions.


  • 3.2 pounds, lightweight and easy to transport
  • One-person and two-person options
  • Performs well in most temperatures, but…


  • Will struggle at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or lower
  • Reviewers complain about size issues for those over 200 pounds
  • Similarly, those taller than 6’2 have issues

Price: $23.99-45.99

ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad with Built-in Pump

Moreover, anyone who’s ever tried to sleep on hard ground with just a sleeping bag and no sleeping pad… will have stories to tell. Luckily, sleeping pads have become much more affordable. They come in all shapes and makes now, too.

Conversely, 800 Amazon users are all about ZOOOBELIVES extra-thick sleeping pad. Why?


  • 4 inches thick
  • Also comes with built-in pump
  • 74 inches long, which means most adults will fit


  • Somewhat expensive in the sleeping pad market
  • Reviewers complain about the pump, also say it’s slow

Price: $39.99

Sleepingo Camper’s Sleeping Pad

Looking for a more traditional, compact sleeping pad? Well, the Sleepingo sleeper is one of the most successful of all Amazon camping products. First, it folds down into a carrier the size of a water bottle. That being said, its portability does require some tradeoffs.


  • Features lifetime warranty/replacement
  • Ripstop Nylon Fabric Good for Tear Resistance
  • Extremely portable with folding and container…


  • But you sacrifice comfort for portability with just two inches of thickness
  • Reviewers complain about long-term leaks and air loss

Price: $39.95

Coleman Sundome Tent

Okay, so this one is either something you’ll want immediately or already have a favorite. Regardless, it’s hard to resist an affordable new tent. Obviously, Coleman has been in the outdoor products game for generations and they make solid reliable tents. Further, this new sundome design comes in several different sizes, and totes an “easy set up time of 10 minutes.”


  • Classic, conventional design creates straightforward setup
  • Features e-port to allow electric charging within tent
  • Offers two-person through six-person size tents


  • Person capacity susceptible to criticism, depending on size of people
  • Other reviewers report leak issues in rain

Price: $63.99

MalloMe Camping Hammock with Ropes

If you’re one of those people who looks at outdoor hammock users and rolls their eyes – you haven’t tried it yet.

It. Is. Sublime.

And MalloMe’s best-selling design is super strong, easy to use, and affordable. Not to mention it folds up compactly for camping ventures.


  • Can hold up to 500 pounds
  • Easy assembly, also doesn’t need tools to set up


  • Not especially “deep” in terms of space
  • Loops may have trouble with decent-to-large sized trees

Price: $17.99

SAMMART 2.5 Gallon Collapsible Tub

One big rule for successful camping is: only take what you need. If you’re looking to do all your eating out in the true wilderness on a campsite, this collapsible tub will allow you to bring only the dishes you need. Then, simply wash and reuse them.


  • Could additionally be used for face and hand-washing or as a cooler
  • Just 1.8 inches thick when folded down
  • Features hanging hole for easy putaway


  • Stiff, also can struggle to compact
  • Not food safe

Price: $15.96

Odoland Camping Cookware

Speaking of only bringing the dishes you need! Obviously, some form of dishware is a necessity. They are, however, disastrously clunky. So, why bring any at all from home? Chiefly, this set includes everything you need for a camp meal, all condensed into one portable set.


  • 9-piece set, including mini-stove all the way to utensils
  • Also has anti-slip, anti-heat handles on pots
  • Entire set folds to save space


  • Size of pots create issues for cooking for multiple people
  • One reviewer says pots tested positive for lead
  • Utensils are somewhat flimsy

Price: $28.99

Foraging: 3 books in 1 – Free for Amazon Kindle Unlimited

If you’re going to be out in the wilderness long enough to need the cooking supplies above – then why not learn what you can eat right around you? Learning to forage is a fantastic life-skill – and could even save your life. Hopefully, however, you’ll just need this knowledge to enjoy a new, natural meal or two.

This fantastic book set includes: Recognizing Toxic and Poisonous Wild Plants and Mushrooms. The Best Edible Wild Foods Recipes. And Eating for Free while on Hiking and Camping.


  • Free to read if you own Amazon Prime
  • No negative reviews, lowest is four stars


  • Not exactly compact or space-saving
  • Expensive compared to other options

Price: $39.99

AOKIWO 126 Piece Emergency Survival Kit

If you’re a camper – you have a first aid kit. Plain and simple. But for those braving it for extended periods of time – or engaging in more dangerous hikes, boulders, and the like, however, you may need more than just the standard little kit.

Fortunately, AOKIWO has an incredible Amazon camping deal in the form of this survival kit. Basically, it comes with everything you’ll need for on-site first aid. In addition, you’re getting a ton of items that U.S military veterans recommend for survival.


  • 28 pieces of survival gear, 16 pieces of medical supplies, also has 10 pieces of fishing tools
  • 4-in-1 EMT pouch
  • Extended use beyond camping


  • Lack of instructions, also some come in languages outside of English
  • Multiple reviewers leave complaints about compass quality

Price: $36.99

RoverTac Camper’s Multitool

Finally, most campers struggle to find room for a hatchet, knives, and the like. Multitools, however, solve this problem. In addition to space-saving, they often include tools you didn’t think of, too. One last tool to add to your camping gear is RoverTac’s high-rated multitool. You never know when you’ll need any of the tools included – and chances are – you will. Further, their stainless steel design makes for a durable set you’ll have on-hand for years to come.


  • 14 total tools, including hammer, axe, pliers, knife blade and saw
  • Also includes assorted hex wrenches
  • Further, offers safety lock


  • A bit bulky, also can be tough to find good hanging spot on pack
  • Smaller than some competing products

Price: $23.99

Now that you’ve seen what’s out there on Amazon for your camping needs, are you in a shopping mood? Two of these may or may not have been purchased during the writing of this article…

And if you’re looking for items on sale (like most of these are), check out our previous Top 10 Best Camping Gear on Sale During 2020 Amazon Prime Day. Although Prime Day may be over, several of those items remain on sale!