Anaconda Jumps Out of Water to Bite Tour Guide in Shocking Clip

by Amy Myers

While guiding a boat full of anglers along the Araguaia River in Brazil, a fishing guide wound up with a huge bite – and not the good kind. Joao Severino, a 38-year-old fishing expert became the bait for a giant anaconda slinking around the water.

The fishing trip started out innocently enough. While leading the anglers through the warm waters near the central Brazilian state of Goiás, Severino spotted the giant constrictor on a stump and decided to navigate a little closer for the benefit of his guests.

“I saw the snake on a stump and I said, ‘Look, guys, an anaconda is over there, I’m going to film it for you to see,’” Severino told Jam Press, per New York Post.

Unfortunately, though, the snake didn’t seem to want any company. Soon, Severino recognized the tell-tale signs of a serpent in strike mode. He caught the entire encounter on his phone. The snake was coiled just below the water’s surface, perched on two half-submerged stumps.

“When I was filming the anaconda, she pulled away and I saw that she was about to strike,” Joao Severino, 38, told Jam Press. Click here to see the video.

Fishing Guide Almost Loses a Finger to the Anaconda

Sure enough, the huge boa lept out of the water, causing Severino to cry out in shock. Thankfully, the fishing guide managed to escape without losing any digits. Even though anacondas aren’t venomous, their teeth can still do some damage.

“They aren’t venomous but they are extremely strong, one of the most agile snakes that exists underwater,” biologist Edson Abrao told Viral Press. “They are animals that feed and kill their prey underwater.”

As quickly as the snake attacked, it slunk back into the water. Laughing off the close call, Severino managed to continue the angling tour without any other incidents. Still, it served as a necessary reminder not to get too close to wildlife, especially if the animals are more than ready to strike.

Anacondas can grow to become 9 feet to 15 feet in length and can weigh up to a whopping 550 pounds. Their constricting power is rightfully revered, reaching 90 PSI, which Wildlife Boss equates to having a school bus sitting on your chest. Meanwhile, their bite force can reach 900 PSI. Of course, they tend to use their bodies more than their teeth, but ultimately, the anaconda is a deadly creature no matter which part of it you encounter.

Severino’s encounter ended as a scary story to share with future boat guests, but others that have come in close contact with constrictors haven’t been quite so lucky. There have been several reports of pythons that have killed and swallowed their human victims whole. This includes an incident in 2018 when locals found an Indonesian woman inside of the giant snake’s belly.