Angel Shark Is More Ninja than Fish, Showing Off His Ambush Skills

by Kati Michelle

The animal kingdom contains a huge range of species, some of which can be pretty downright unbelievable. Even The King, Elvis Presley himself, joined the animal trade. At one point, he had an entire Bird Room and Jungle Room somewhere in his mansion.

Of course, there’s also the Tiger King cast with all of their ferocious big cats. And what about the African bongos? If you’re looking to learn about some exotic species, you’re honestly spoiled for choice. I mean, I didn’t even know what a White Gyrfalcon was until a week ago. That brings us to the theme of the day: sharks.

In terms of the shark species, most people automatically think of Great White and “Jaws.” Still, it turns out there are actually over 1,000 shark and ray species. Take the hammerhead, for example. One Texas angler got the shock of her life after reeling in an 11.5-footer the other day. Then there’s the Angel Shark, the star of the day. New footage surfacing of the predator off the Welsh coast will be the most interesting thing you see today.

Rare Juvenile Angel Shark Caught on Footage

An expert in camouflaging itself amongst the sand, the angel shark knows how to catch a stealth kill. Actually, that’s exactly what it does in rare video footage surfacing of the critically endangered shark in waters they normally avoid. While it might seem like bad news to find them in a place they don’t usually frequent, it can also be a good sign. It means there’s the potential that the sharks are still breeding in British waters.

After spotting the Ninja-like fish in the water during a recent dive, marine biologist Jake Davies took time to gather and record as much information as he could. The final measurements put the elusive creature right at a foot long.

Davies told Live Science: “It was incredible to watch and film it swimming, burying into the sand and then using its camouflage to ambush prey…This footage is far beyond what we thought would be possible to capture in Wales.” Not only is he a marine biologist, but Davies also works as a project coordinator with Angel Shark Project: Wales. This is a shark conservation group based in the area they captured the footage.

The video provides stunning detail and the angel shark is particularly active as well. We get to experience a wide variety of behaviors from swimming to feeding, and at multiple angles, nonetheless. At one point, the video provides an aerial shot of the shark’s entire body and it’s quite impressive. Its back fins make it look like the rhino of the sea, decked out in armor.

You can check out all the action for yourself right here: