Angler Lands Record-Breaking 111-pound Catfish in Georgia

by Halle Ames

A Florida fisherman set a Georgia state record for reeling in a 111-pound Blue Catfish along the Chattahoochee River.

Cue Alan Jackson and turn up the volume…

The Georgia Wildlife Division announced Tim Trone from Havana, Florida, as the new catfish heavyweight champion on their Facebook page. They captioned the photo, “Fishing on any given day is a good day. But angler Tim Trone of Havana, FL, had a GREAT day when he caught the new Georgia State Record Blue Catfish. This monster, caught on the Chattahoochee River in Stewart County, weighed in at 110 lb, 6 oz, was 58″ long and had a 42″ girth. Congrats to you, Tim – that is a whopper of a tale to tell!”

Bigger Catfish Than Expected

At first glance, Trone didn’t think the fish was anything to fuss over, weighing probably around 50 pounds due to its lack of a fight. Once closer to the boat, he realized he has a monster on his line. 

Trone posted to his own Facebook page as well, saying, “Holding that fish in my arms was hell. It took 3 of us to get that fish in that position. I only held it for a few seconds. About killed my back.”

He also described the issue he has with getting an accurate weight on the catfish. 

“Ok, we weighed the fish with several witnesses on a non certified scale, the 300lb spring scale. It said 151 to 152lbs. Well got home and went to a place that had a certified scale. It said 111 lbs. I’m as baffled as a lot are. How can two scales be off by 40lbs. I’m taking it to Georgia DNR Monday. We will see.”

He admits that he has never seen or held a fish this big or heavy before. Trone also said in the Facebook post that he was upset that the fish did not survive the battle.

“So sorry, this fish died, but it’s official. 110.64lbs. New Georgia State Record”

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