Angler Hauls in Neon Yellow ‘Mandarin Catfish’ That Left Him ‘Panicked’

by Matthew Memrick

As a German angler reeled in a rare, neon yellow Mandarin Catfish, the man “panicked,” thinking he had got a massive pike instead.

USA Today reported that Martin Glatz landed the prize with his brother on Oct. 4 at a Netherlands lake. Glatz is a regular fisherman, taking to the hobby two to three days a week.

The beautiful Mandarin Catfish, or golden catfish, was a sight for Glatz. He said the neon color gave him a rush of adrenaline, and he knew he didn’t want to let the fish get loose. He called for his brother to get the net ready.

Glatz told Field and Stream Magazine that he was expecting a big pike and the fish’s fight conjured an image in his head that it was 47-inches or so.

A Proper Catfish ID

There’s some confusion with this type of catfish, with some giving it a European wels catfish label. But this fish showed signs of leucism. For more on the catfish, go here.

French Etang de Azat-Chatenet fishery defines the condition as “a partial loss of pigmentation in an animal which causes white, pale or patchy coloration of the skin.

Glatz took some photos before dropping the fish back into the lake. He told Field and Stream he hoped it would grow much more prominent. Some sources say the fish can produce over 400 pounds with an eight-foot length. 

Glatz said he was still overwhelmed by the experience and amazed at the fish’s beauty in his Instagram post.

Angeldomaene, a German outdoor equipment store that sponsors the Glatz brothers, called it a “dream fish.”

Glatz said he’s been fishing since I was 13 years old. 

“I learned to fish from my grandfather and have continued to develop at it for myself,” the man said. “Fishing will always be my hobby. It’s in our family. My twin brother fishes, my wife fishes, and I hope our sons will soon discover the hobby for themselves.”

Another Similar Catch

A 63-year-old dental worker caught the same type of fish in 2019. It took about a 40-minute fight, but the size of the fish was well worth it.

The Fishingsoc website reported that Robert Webb hauled a 230-pound, 14-ounce catfish on the River Segre at Mequinenza in Spain. The fish set a new European record for the albino strain.

The Englishman was in poor health that day, but just as he thought about leaving, he got a tug on his line and started working to bring the fish in.

When he got it to the boat, it took four men to lift it in.

Webb measured the fish at 8-feet, 5-inches, with a 23-inch wide mouth

“After a few photos, it was gently released into the river, and after kissing her for the last time, she disappeared from view,” Webb said.