Angler Reels in Record-Breaking Shark After Hour-Long Battle With 7-Foot Long Monster

by Jon D. B.

One for the ages: Simon Davidson just broke an impressive, longstanding record with his behemoth of a porbeagle shark.

A relative of the great white, the smaller porbeagle is a species of mackerel shark that can still reach considerable size. Take Simon Davidson’s recent record-smashing angle, for example. The fisherman just broke the UK’s decades-old porbeagle record with a 550-pound monster.

His giant beats out the previous record by a longshot: a 507-pound porbeagle shark caught in 1993 by Scottish fisherman Chris Bennett via the Orkney Isles.

Davidson’s catch also comes from cold northern British waters. Once pulled to the surface, the shark measured 7-feet-long and 6-feet-wide, The Sun reports.

The 39-year-old fisherman would bring the beast in 7 miles off the Devon coast. It took six fellow anglers to hold the shark down to be measured. And that’s after the intense struggle to bring him in. Once measured and documented, Davidson and his crew would return the record-breaker to the ocean.

Davidson, a plumber by profession from Kettering, Northamptonshire, tells The Sun: “My bait got taken and I didn’t think it was a big fish because it hadn’t started to fight yet.”

Boy was he wrong.

UK Outsider Smashes Porbeagle Shark Record after ‘Hour of Agony’

“Then I reeled it into the side of the boat and it was a real monster,” he cites. “Suddenly it took off through the water and pulled around 600 meters of my line and it was a brutal battle to pull it back in.”

Davidson describes this battle to break this longstanding UK record as “an hour of agony.” He says it got to the point where his legs and arms were “shaking and you just think your body is going to give up.”

But Davidson refused to give up.

“When you saw it in the water, you’d think it was a Great White,” he says of the porbeagle’s awe-inspiring relatives. “It’s terrifying to think that sharks as huge as that are prowling our waters.”

It’s not the most comforting of thoughts, is it? Traditionally a freshwater angler, Simon Davidson switched it up to saltwater in order to pursue big game fishing. Then, he set out in search of sharks earlier this month – and succeeded.

There is a bit of contention with his record, though. A fish must be weighed on land for it to be considered an official record by the British Records Fish Committee. This, however, kills the shark. The majority of UK anglers refuse to take part in the weighing method as a result. Like Davidson, anglers will measure the shark and estimate its weight.

Porbeagle sharks roam the far oceans and rarely come close to shore, so there’s no chance of one making it alive to shore.

Well done and great call, Simon!