Angler Rescues Deer Half-Mile Off Land While Deep-Sea Fishing

by Jon D. B.

No matter the shore you’re fishing, no angler ever expects to reel in a deer! But that’s exactly what happened for this heroic English captain.

It’s one thing to rescue a deer from an inland body of water. But to find a deer drowning over a half-mile off the coast? Now there’s a story! One that ends with a terrific rescue.

Mark Bowditch saw what he first thought was the fin of a shark off the coast of England. It was too far out to be anything else, he thought, and the pointed shape protruding from the water was unmistakable. Or was it?

As it turns out, Bowditch had found a deer swimming in 150-foot-deep water, the Southwest News Service cites. Along for the captain’s ride were his partner, their children, and a charter guest, Morgan Lloyd. Each would then witness Mark’s harrowing rescue of the drowning deer.

“Initially, I just thought it was a basking shark swimming slowly across the surface,” Bowditch tells SWNS. “Then when I got a little bit closer and it turned, I saw it had two ears!”

As soon as he realized what was happening, the captain brought his boat around the mammal. He knew he had to rescue it and bring it onboard, so long as it was still alive.

“We got the mackerel lines in so it wouldn’t get caught, and then made a sort of lasso to catch it with,” he explains. “The current was going out, so it probably got caught in the tide and pulled out into the deep water.”

Rescue Deer ‘Came Back To’ Good Samaritans

Bowditch knows that “If we hadn’t come across it, it would probably have just drowned.” And unsurprisingly, this experience is an absolute first for the experienced fisherman and captain. Who finds a deer swimming out over the deep sea?

He does say, however, that he’s “heard about Deer swimming across Weymouth harbor before from other Skippers.” But he’s never seen one for himself, he admits. Until now.

Thankfully, the deer rescue went off without a hitch, and the deer was brought onboard his vessel alive.

Once back to shore, the captain and his companions would attempt to set the wild animal free. But she wasn’t interested. Her exhaustion was too much to overcome. And she, the deer, was quite possibly very thankful for her rescue. So much so that she didn’t want to leave.

“It wasn’t really ready to go because it was so tired, we tried to set it free by the trees but it came back to us,” he reveals. Animal behavior at its most fascinating.

“I gave it some attention and then tried to scare it off a bit,” Bowditch notes. While “eventually it ran off,” he says, it was a hard goodbye on both ends.

Fantastic work, Captain Bowditch! A true Outsider to his core, no doubt.