Another Bigfoot Sighting Takes Place in Minnesota Town Deemed ‘Hot Spot’ for Sightings

by Shelby Scott

This summer has seen multiple unexplainable Bigfoot sightings across the United States. However, the most recent took place on July 26th. The encounter occurred in Remer, Minnesota. The town itself holds a population of just 388 people and calls itself the “Home of Bigfoot.”

According to the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team‘s Facebook page, the encounter happened in the early evening, around 9:15 p.m. Overall the post read that a semi-truck driver had observed the creature in the middle of the road that night. He managed to get within 300-400 feet of the creature before it moved north. The driver described the Bigfoot to be 10 feet tall and black.

Commenters to the post asked for specifics concerning the location and other important information. However, the Research Team that kind of information is confidential.

While doubters and believers debated Bigfoot’s existence and the occurrence’s specifics under the post, there is no doubt Remer has had numerous sightings.

The town of Remer does in fact have its own research team. However, each year the town also hosts the Minnesota Bigfoot Conference. This is due to the large, and growing, number of encounters that take place in Remer each year.

The Bigfoot Legend in Remer is As Interesting As the Creature Itself

While Bigfoot is one of the most mystifying creatures within the United States, if not internationally, the legend behind the creature’s initial appearances in Remer is almost more interesting.

According to the Pine Cone Press-Citizen, the legends of Bigfoot in Remer began as early as the late 1800s. The news outlet said citizens made mention of something large moving through the woods or big footprints found near swamps. Supposedly, people didn’t begin to believe in the sightings until other members of the town besides loggers started catching glimpses of the creature.

According to the Press, the townspeople began to coexist with Bigfoot as he frequently just vanished. The report said there was never any property damage, missing livestock, disappearances, or injuries. The creature seemed to simply roam the densely wooded areas around the town. He (or she) frequented swampy regions and left large imprints in the ground. These were lined with grass and pine boughsand assumed to be resting areas for Bigfoot.

While modern society often portrays Bigfoot as a scary, possibly violent creature, the Bigfoot from Remer MN seemed peaceful. Every so often, neighbors to the creature would leave piles of berries and vegetables from their gardens. Bigfoot was a common topic in the town during the early 1900s, and in 1910 he actually earned the name, “Bigfoot,” itself.

As the area’s surrounding forests gave way to modernization, the Bigfoot sightings became less and less. Urbanization seemingly forced the creature(s) out of the area and into other places around the U.S., which may explain the randomness with which the sightings occur around the country.