Another Storm Set to Slam New York in Wake of Hurricane Ida Remnants Lashing the Area

by Shelby Scott

The United States East Coast continues to endure threats from heavy rainfall and flash flooding following the destruction of Hurricane Ida. Potentially, that may combine with remnants from approaching Hurricane Larry. Currently, though, a storm approaching Wednesday night promises to bring heavy rain and flash flooding to areas of New York and New Jersey following dozens of fatalities from the latest flash floods.

The storm is not expected to be nearly as catastrophic as Hurricane Ida. However, the New York Post reports that thunderstorms will move into the area around 10 p.m. Accuweather Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombeck stated rainfall won’t subside until Thursday morning.

Further, Dombeck stated, “There is potential that any of these showers and thunderstorms could renew some flooding issues.”

While the increased rainfall could definitely result in major flooding, Dombeck nevertheless reassured east coast residents, “It would be more of the flash flood situations…but nothing to the magnitude of what we dealt with when Ida was coming through. Not anything near that much.”

Overall, New Yorkers have no reason to expect the extremes that accompanied the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Regardless, however, the current storm will no doubt slow cleanup efforts in the city.

New Yorkers Batten Down Ahead of the Approaching Storm

Dombeck insists that NYC won’t experience the dramatic flooding residents saw on subways and streets during Ida’s rains. However, New Yorkers are nevertheless anxious about the current storm’s approach. And who could blame them?

The meteorologist further stated, “People just experienced something that was pretty traumatic in their lives. Some people had damage to their homes, [and] some people actually lost a lot in this. So I’m sure it’s going to cause a lot of angst and a lot of anxiety here with people.”

Further, New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul issued statements to residents. She urged them to prepare for potential flash flooding ahead of time. Currently, Orange, Rockland, and Sullivan counties north of NYC are under a flash flood watch.

“I am urging New Yorkers to prepare for any inclement weather that may head our way and monitor local forecasts,” Hochul said.

The New York Post further reported the governor had authorities shore up the subways and the Metro-North ahead of the storms. Workers were also instructed to inspect track drains in flood-prone areas.

More importantly, however, Hochul emphasized that residents must have a kind of escape plan should they need to evacuate their homes. The warning comes following the deaths of dozens of New Yorkers amid last week’s insane flooding.

She sympathized with New Yorkers in the threatened areas. She stated, “It’s going to be kind of a nail-biter situation for a lot of people, they’re just kinda shell-shocked from what just happened.” Although, like Dombeck, she emphasized that the approaching storm will not amount anywhere near the extremes which Hurricane Ida did.