Online Job Posting to Hike Appalachian Trail Pays in Free Beer and $20k

by Hunter Miller

Does getting paid to drink beer and hike in the Appalachian Mountains sounds too good to be true? If you’re lucky, this could be your next job.

The Devils Backbone Brewing Company is now accepting applications for the position of “chief hiking officer.” The company website states that the CHO will be hiking 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail. The trek lasts between 5-7 months starting in March of 2021.

Whomever lands the job will begin the trail at Springer Mountain in Georgia, ending at Mt. Katahdian in Maine. First, Devils Backbone will suit the CHO with gear and fly the winner to the trail head. There will be beer parties along way and, not to mention, a $20k stipend.

What are the qualifications? Mainly, you have to love hiking and beer. Remember, this is a “once in a lifetime adventure.” The CHO needs to be prepared. The contest winner will be sleeping under the stars and living pack-in-pack-out for the duration of the hike.

To submit your application, enter your personal info on the company website. Then, submit a 60-second video entry. Pro tip: double fist some Devils Backbone Brewing Company beers in the video!