Arizona Bear and Rattlesnake Relax Together in Bizarre Photo

by Courtney Blackann

It would be fun to think that wild animals got together to frolic about the wilderness in a Disney version of the outdoors. However, that’s just usually not the case. Animals are fully capable of sensing danger and keeping to their own kind. Despite this, a trail camera in Arizona captured a rare sight. A bear and a rattlesnake were seen lurking around a body of water in a rare photo.

Noticed by Jason Miller, an Arizonian and member of the Facebook group Arizona Snake Identification and Questions – the man posted the photo to some pretty amused viewers. Check it out here.

“Very rarely I get Rattlesnakes on my Trail cams but got a nice Blacktail with this Bear as he soaks…” Miller says in the post. The photo is timestamped from September 2020. However, Miller posted the photo this week.

Viewers Concerned Over Bear’s Face

Further, the bear appears to have eaten some prickly pears because it definitely had some cactus needles sticking out of its face and chin. Responding viewers wondered if the bear had perhaps gotten into a fight with a porcupine.

According to Yahoo! News, the picture was captured south of Tuscon. Additionally, the snake was identified as a black-tailed rattlesnake. This is a species that can grow up to five feet long (which is terrifying).

The murky water appears to be refreshing for both the bear and the snake as they do their own thing. we just hope that the two were able to keep things civil as they moved on.

Several people responded to the post with awe and wonder. Many members of the group just commented on how cool the unique photo was. Others expressed concern for the bear’s face.

“This is like a money shot if I’ve ever seen one! Poor bear… he’s got a face full of pain right now,” Kristen Watts wrote.

Another person added:

“Nice combination of wild animals, but those things sticking the bear’s snout look like porcupine quills. Sorry for the poor bear,” says Ken Turner.

Bear Attacks Lake Tahoe Woman Battling Cancer

While the Arizona bear and its rattlesnake pal seemed to be relaxing, another bear over in California was not so chill.

When a woman heard loud noises coming from her kitchen, she went to investigate. What she found instead was a large bear in her home. Her presence prompted an attack. The frightened bear saw her in the doorway and began tearing at her face.

“I could see the freezer door half open,” she explained. “And food just going whoosh, whoosh, and it was like in an instant, ‘Oh my gosh. This is a bear. And the next thing that happens is that I’m being torn apart.”

Laurel-Rose Von Hoffmann-Curzi was already having a tough time, battling Stage 4 cancer. So the attack just added insult to injury. However, she miraculously survived.