Arizona Family That Went on Camping Trip Three Weeks Ago Hasn’t Been Seen Since

by Kati Michelle

While the Great Outdoors can provide the perfect opportunity for solace, its exploration doesn’t come without risk. The fact of the matter is that threats lay in wild animals, the climate, and some of your favorite hobbies like climbing as well. Even the tamest camping trip can lead to a tragic end in unpredictable circumstances.

One Arizona family of three decided to go camping three weeks ago. Unfortunately, their friends and family did not hear from them or see them since. Here’s what you need to know about their story.

Arizona Family Went Camping Near Bullhead City

The family in question is made up of mother Erika Irene Allison age 36, father Joshua Robert Martinez age 30, and their son, Psymon J. Kelly age 17. The Arizona family vocalized their plans to go camping at Katherine’s Landing, just outside the Bullhead City area. The Kingman Police Department says the family kept flexible plans but initially sought to camp for 7-10 days. They left for their trip on the day of September 11th. Reportedly, they also brought along their two family dogs.

Family members struggled to make contact with them for two weeks after their departure. So, they turned to officials to report them as missing. Some strange details surround the case, though. Police say, for example, that the Arizona family didn’t bring a cellphone or their son’s medications to their camping trip. Moreover, National Parks Service officials couldn’t find anything of note where they were presumed to have set up camp.

The last reported sightings of the family include seeing them in a gray 2005 Toyota Corolla with a king-sized mattress strapped to the roof of the vehicle. This sighting occurred back on the day of their departure, September 11th. Police are asking anybody with any information, no matter how small, to come forward.

Their Facebook page provides a full description of each of the missing family members and how to contact the proper authorities in the case of any leads. Read more here:

Other Missing Persons Cases In the Area

According to this database, there are currently 20 active missing person reports in Arizona right now. The site seems to get refreshed daily, so that is the latest update as of Friday, October 1st. Most of the missing person reports in Arizona are written about teens, with their last known locations spanning the entirety of the state. There appear to be more females missing than males. This, unfortunately, matches the national trend.

The site also provides updates in the case of resolutions. Azmabeth Romero is a 14-year-old who was reported missing from Tuscon. The report now reads “Located & Safe, Thank You Very Much.”

The database actually spans much further than just Arizona. They currently hold divisions that cover the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and the Caribbean. Apparently, they actually provide coverage in every single native English-speaking country out there. They are looking to expand into Spanish and French-speaking countries eventually.