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Arizona Man Revives Dead Striper With CPR

by Matthew Memrick
(Staff Photo by Gregory Rec/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

In case you ever wanted to know, a Yuma, Arizona man figured out how to revive a fish with CPR, and he showed off his skills in a 2021 video.

Well, I guess that’s one way to breathe new life into a fishing trip. 

Arizona Man Can Heal Fish

Wooglobe.com gave us a few more details about the Aug. 29, 2021 video. According to the post, Tristian Casaus learned the CPR technique at about ten years old.

“I can’t remember the source, unfortunately, but it stuck with me,” Casaus said. “I knew I had to try it on my next fishing adventure.” 

Casaus said he tested the fish CPR trick, and he found that “it worked.”

Now, the 24-year-old man said he “finally decided to show the world how to save many more fish lives.” 

You can check out the video here.

Nifty Little Trick Involves Two Things

So, first, Casaus tried to throw his striper back in, but it wouldn’t move.

“Ugh,” the man said, “I hate it when this happens.”

Then he proceeds to tell us about covering the stressed fish’s gills with two fingers.

Casaus moves the fish to his mouth and blows into it. It’s like plunging an adrenaline needle into a human’s heart because that fish jumps back to life. 

Sometimes, you can hold a fish upright by its tail and move it very slowly forward and back until it recovers enough to swim away on its own.

But, this Arizona man either got lucky or knew what he was doing. The man tosses the fish into the water, and it just bolted away from the boat.

Keep in mind if you’ve hooked the fish and it’s bleeding, this technique may be pointless.

But if it works, you can pass along your newfound wisdom.

You Could Hurt The Fish, So Don’t Try

I mean, Casaus did this little stunt, and it went viral online.

But what if you blow too hard? Or the fish can’t deal with the alcohol on your breath? It’s a risk to take, to be sure.

One website, It’s A Fish Thing, went through a six-step process for saving fish.

Keep in mind fish are small and fragile. Humans are pretty big, and all it takes is too much pressure, and you’ll break its bones.

So, if you get over the shock of putting a raw fish in your mouth (if you don’t like sushi), do a few quick compressions to see if water is flowing through the gills.