Arizona Wildfire: 200 People Evacuated, 12 Homes Destroyed in Trail of Destruction

by Matthew Wilson

A wildfire in Arizona has devastated a local community. Currently, hundreds have evacuated their homes and residences due to the blaze.

Residents in Dudleyville, Arizona had to evacuate from their homes after a wildfire threatened the town. Around 200 people have moved to safety. Meanwhile, the fire has destroyed around 12 properties and structures in the town.

According to ABC, firefighters have stopped the growth of the fire. Meanwhile, the Weather Channel reported that the blaze was moving away from the town, thanks to strong winds in the area. Dudleyville has a population of around 1,000 people. It’s located around 60 miles north of Tucson, Arizona.

“Crews are being assisted by a dozer to help secure the southern edge of fire,” the state Department of Forestry and Fire Management said in a tweet. “The fire continues to move south and away from Dudleyville.”

The Wildfire Has Burned Through 500 Acres

According to ABC, officials estimated the wildfire has burned around 500 acres in the surrounding area of Dudleyville. The blaze was fueled by thick vegetation near the Gila River in the area. Currently, local fire departments are investigating what caused the fire.

As of Friday (April 10), firefighters have contained around 20 percent of the wildfire. The county Sheriff’s Department noted the number of residents evacuated due to the fire. But the department revealed evacuation notices might lift as early as Friday evening.

According to a local Red Cross spokesman, around 40 people had to take shelter at a nearby high school as a result of the fire. Authorities haven’t reported any injuries associated with the fire.

The local emergency authorities have spread across Dudleyville, performing double duties. Fire crews, consisting of around 100 people, continue to maintain lines to stop the wildfire from spreading inward to Dudleyville. Meanwhile, local utility companies are working on damaged power lines as a result of the fire. The fire “de-energized” these powerlines on April 9, according to state Department of Forestry and Forest Management spokeswoman Tiffany Davila.

The wildfire comes after a historically bad year for the state. Last year proved to be one of the worst that Arizona faced in recorded history. It was the worst wildfire season in almost a decade, according to ABC. Officials are preparing for another devastating wildfire season this year. They predict widespread fires as early as June.

Both warm conditions, a lack of moisture, and dry brush in the state lend to potentially devastating wildfires.