Arizona Wildfires Destroy More Than 150,000 Acres in ‘Horrifying’ Tragedy

by Madison Miller

Wildfires continue to be a massive and fiery, hot-topic problem in our country.

There have been more reports of accidental or climate-driven fires that are difficult to control. Oftentimes these fires lead to human and wildlife death and destruction. It scorches an untreatable path of fire down the natural land.

Arizona Telegraph and Mescal Fires

Right now, Arizona is struggling with a massive wildfire that continues to wreak havoc on the state.

According to People, the two wildfires in Arizona have charred more than 150,000 acres of natural land. Evacuations are still underway as the local firefighters try to tame the rapidly burning fire. As of this morning, only 25% of the fires have been contained. It has burned major parts of the area, including local highways, communities, and roads.

The Mescal Fire has been active since June 2 and started in Globe, Arizona. This fire alone has burned about 70,066 acres and counting. To make matters worse, this fire is creating a list of difficulties that make it harder to tame. One of the most obvious is the remote location of the fire, which makes it harder for firefighters to get to and control it.

The cause of the fire remains unknown.

To make matters worse, another fire started up in Arizona as well, meaning there’s double the trouble and far more work for the local fire departments. This other fire is called the Telegraph Fire. This fire accounts for about 88,000 acres of destruction.

It’s already destroyed more land, but has only been burning since Friday, June 4.

According to the Arizona Republic, it is the ninth-largest wildfire in Arizona’s history. Fires are a bit more common in Arizona due to the dry and hot climate. The cause of the Telegraph Fire remains unclear as well, however, sources are suggesting that a person may be responsible for the wildfire still looking to be contained.

Fire officials were hopeful the fires would avoid cities like Globe and Miami, but this seems still highly possible and an ongoing level of concern. Evacuations are underway throughout the state.

Increase in Wildfires

There has been an increase in wildfires across the country.

According to Insurance Information Institute, there were 58,950 wildfires in 2020. There were about 10.1 million acres burned, compared to only 4.7 million acres burned in 2019. It is expected that 2021 will be another bad year in terms of wildfires. States like California, South Dakota, Colorado, and Arizona have seen their fair share of fires as it is.

A news release from Bridger-Teton National Forest in Jackson Hole, Wyoming says that there has been a 300% increase in fires within the national forest since last year.

There have been 21 abandoned campfires as of June 2, compared to only seven last year.

Similarly, Maine has also been hit with an uprecedented number of wildfires. During this year alone, there have been more than 450 wildfire-related events. This is mostly due to dry weather and limited snow cover.

The Piscataquis Observer reported that the lawmakers are now working to fund new firefighting equipment to keep things under control.