Austin Paddleboarders Rescue Texas Game Warden From Plane Crash

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes, when things look bad, unlikely heroes can emerge. Luckily, this outdoor news story ended with a successful rescue after the plane crash. While flying a 2009 Cessna T-206 during a test flight, the unnamed pilot nosedived into Lady Bird Lake. The downtown Austin body of water is known to have recreational visitors. Thankfully, two kind souls happened to be paddleboarding nearby.

Game Warden Saved

  • Paddleboarders came to the aide of a Texas game warden after a plane crash into Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX
  • Officials noted that the pilot was alone and had reported mechanical issues prior to the wreck
  • The National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an investigation into the accident
  • Paramedics and first responders treated the pilot, and he was taken to a hospital with potentially serious injuries

Nicholas Compton was a bystander that ended up helping out with the rescue When they came up on the wreck, he and the other person involved thought they’d see a dead body. But, it was good news when they arrived.

“I was expecting to see something much worse than a man still alive floating so I was very relieved to see that he was still conscious and everything so, it wasn’t much thinking except just getting him to the shore to medical services,” Compton recalled to KXAN.

“He was very out of it,” Compton went on. “Not much dialogue happened.”

As of right now, a statement from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says they are aware of the situation. Also, officials say that the plan had just come out of routine maintenance. The pilot signaled that a mechanical issue was going on before the plane crash.

So, work is being done. While it was a serious incident, the plane has been recovered from the crash site. Also, crews are working to make sure that there are no environmental impacts from the wreckage. Oil or gas spillage and things like that.

Plane Crash Witnesses Speak Out

A couple of bystanders saw everything happen from afar. While enjoying the outside time, they were, by all accounts, shocked to see the plane flying so low. Kurt Thomas recalled what he saw.

“I was like wait a minute that plane is really, really low and it is about to hit the bridge. It went up, barely hit the bridge and then on the other side of the bridge it plummeted into the water.”

Steve Carbon gave similar testimony.

“There were kids riding their bikes right past me saying, ‘wow that was so close’…there’s a chance this plane dove into the water and that’s when I tried to get there as fast as possible.”

Thankfully there were so many bystanders and folks willing to get involved. If those paddleboarders didn’t react, who knows what might have happened after that plane crash. The Federal Aviation Administration is set to release information about the incident Meanwhile, the National Transportation Safety Board is in charge of the investigation into the incident as a whole.